Ndlovu sings about mental health

BULAWAYO -BASED Afro pop and RnB artiste Zibusiso Ndlovu

BULAWAYO -BASED Afro pop and RnB artiste Zibusiso Ndlovu says he will soon release a song on awareness of social ills, pressure and the negative impact of mental health issues on youths.

Ndlovu told NewsDay Life &Style that the song titled Khwezi that will have an accompanying video will be released in the first week of February.

“We live in a place where mental illness is so downplayed. You see young kids resorting to substance abuse, looking for something to make them feel appreciated. We are walking soldiers, we fight every day, social media makes life appear as if it’s simple, but it is not,” he said.

“Suicide has claimed lives of many and depression is taking toll on youths who have given up on their dreams so as to take care of their families. However, against such ills one has to stand out and allow the season to pass.”

Ndlovu said on this forthcoming track, he will also officialise his new stage name Khwezi having been known as Ziee Xayn a name he got from the late rapper CalVin Nhliziyo.

“Khwezi means a morning star and an assurance that no matter what you go through in the end you have to make it. This song seeks to address social struggles that are linked with issues to do with confidence,” he said.

“I have realised how cultural values are being portrayed by youths which in turn makes it infeasible for them to fit in a modern world. Culture nowadays is taken for granted being labeled as old fashioned, but that it is better to appreciate old teachings and mix them with modern ones.”

He said the song’s visuals features DjYugoe from Plumtree.

“With Khwezi track I believe we can kick start the year on a right note as I get ready to work on my debut album featuring a lot of surprise artistes to be released in April,” he said.

“The album’s production will be handled by Shiz Moz. It will be an emotional roller coaster set to fight social struggles.”

“We have been approached by a media agency in South Africa that wants to work with us, but the paperwork is still to be done.”

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