Mr Pangolin eyes Yellow Bone award


SUNGURA musician Givemore Wairedi Hozo, popularly known as Mr Pangolin on the local showbiz  scene, last week dropped a video for his track Yellow Bone which is available on Capital Studio YouTube platform.

In an interview with NewsDay Life & Style, Mr Pangolin said financial challenges had hindered budding artistes from releasing videos.

“As rising artistes, we might have that talent, but financial muscle has been a stumbling block in our efforts to make videos so that our fans can enjoy the music in the comfort of their bedrooms,” he said.

“The track Yellow Bone was released as a single in 2020, but I only managed to shoot the video two years later with the assistance of Capital Studio, Black Spider and MG promotions.”

Mr Pangolin said he was confident that both the video and single will win him an award.

“The main theme I preach in my songs is love as through music I try to teach people about love. I decided to name the song Yellow Bone in line with what is happening in today’s world where ladies who are light skinned are the ones who appear to be receiving more attention,” he said.

“The acts in this video are based on a true story of my life and that is why I acted as the main character. However, through the script there are several messages that I will be putting across, but one can, nevertheless, choose the message which they want.”

“My first message in the video is that love is meant for two people only, there should not be involvement of any other people especially when people decide to get married.”

In the video, Mr Pangolin plays the character of a husband appreciating his wife for loving him while local actor Jabulani “Sekuru Zvambu” Sigauke, famed for his hilarious acts in the comedy series Bag Ravaruka, features as an old man advising the married woman to respect her husband in order to have a lasting marriage.

Mr Pangolin saluted his fans for appreciating his music, adding that he would be releasing more singles and videos with an album coming later this year.

He said he looked forward to receiving an award especially for the latest Yellow Bone video.

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