Mapfumo’s in stunning Tanzanian festival performance

Kiat Africa band


MUSICIAN Evans “Pfumela” Mapfumo said performing at this year’s edition of the three-day Sauti zaBusara Festival, which ended yesterday in Tanzania, was an eye-opener.

Mapfumo, backed by his Kiat Africa band, staged a stunning performance at the festival’s main stage on Friday night belting Zimbabwean traditional and contemporary sounds.

They are expected to touch down at the Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport this morning.

Speaking to NewsDay Life & Style yesterday, Mapfumo, said they learnt lessons at the festival that will help them improve their perfomamce.

“Performing at the Sauti zaBusara Festival, we learnt a lot and punctuality is what they recommend from every artiste and there is need to be well rehearsed. I am glad we were on point,” he said.

“Also, on sound check, we learnt to communicate with the stage managers and crew and being open to them on things we were not sure about in terms of sound until we got satisfied.”

Mapfumo said confidence was key to a good performance and being in good mood could make an artiste click with the audience.

“I learnt that music can communicate with the inner being and it is easy for people to connect through music not withstanding that you are from Africa, Europe, America, or Asia, music just brings people together even if one does not understand their culture,” he said.

“We learnt as a band that people love up-tempo beat for them to dance as well as putting emotion on slow songs, they love it.”

He said people enjoyed African music especially Zimbabwean traditional rhythms played on marimba and mbira.

“People loved our set because we were vibrant on the stage with some good choreographed dance moves on every song,” he said.

“We played songs Uripi, Ndega Ndega, Ndinopa Kutenda, Kaupenyu, Maneta, Ndiwe and Afrika before.”

Youth, Sports, Arts and Recreation ministry official Precillah Viriri, who accompanied Kiat Africa band said it gave a good account.

“An audience of about 3 000 was overwhelmed by Zimbabwe’s representatives at the festival as its performance was unique.

“I was impressed by the quality of music and performance, there is green light that the group will go far,” she said.

Another ministry official Milton Makasa sad: “As government, we have also realised the importance of assisting emerging artistes to perform at such events as it boosts their works.

“Zimbabwean music was a marvel to watch as the audience danced to tunes of our traditional Afro music.”

Multi-award-winning self-taught guitarist, singer and multi-instrumentalist Sylent Nqo also performed at the festival.

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