Man defrauds unsuspecting victims of $805 000

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A-HARARE man has been dragged before the courts for defrauding unsuspecting victims of $805 000.

Timothy Bvuramiti on Tuesday appeared before Harare magistrate Yeukai Dzuda and was remanded in custody until tomorrow.

Allegations were that Bvuramiti originated a broadcast message on WhatsApp platforms stating that he had US$4000 and needed a bank transfer in local currency.

It is further alleged that on January 11, in the company of his accomplice Tranos Muzanenhamo who is still at large, Bvuramiti hacked mobile numbers and got access to bank accounts of two complainants in the matter, Radlay Automation and Fadzai Mapure after they responded to his Whatsapp message.

After 30 minutes, Radlay Automation had their CABS account debited with $600 000.  Mapure’s POSB account was also debited with $205 000.  The money was then credited to POSB account number 500005069199, which belongs to Muzanenhamo.

Bvuramiti then transferred $575 000 into another POSB account number 500002902665 registered in the name of Kudzai Mutunami.

He then met Mutunami who handed him US$2500, which is equivalent to $575 000 using black market rates.

The matter was reported to the police leading to Bvuramiti’s arrest.

The total amount prejudiced was $805 000.