Kampira advocates for models’ rights through book

Francisco Kampira

MALE model Francisco Kampira has said he authored a soon-to-be-released book titled How to Become a Professional Model aimed at promoting and advocating for the rights of models.

The local pageantry industry has been marred by reports of abuse of models both male and female, especially up-and-coming models who are ignorant of how the industry works.

“I believe the book How to Become a Professional Model is a big boost to models and the fashion industry. The book targets aspiring models, professional models, groomers and coaches as it highlights the struggles models face in Zimbabwe,” he said.

“The modelling industry in Zimbabwe is in a staggering and backward state. We are way too behind in comparison with other nations. Our pageants are failing to consistently take place and there is need to reward the model’s efforts adequately.”

“To improve, I suggest a functional models union which lobbies for fair compensation, protects models’ rights and pushes for more model work and recognition,” he said.

“For a better modelling industry, I urge my colleagues to professionalise, digitalise and push for industrialisation of the sector. There is no industry yet, we are operating as a sector. If there was an industry then we should be having more job opportunities opening up.”

Kampira said he would be conducting a workshop on March 13 aimed at addressing the injustices faced by models.

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