I am not in music for money: Scale

Patrick Scale

GOSPEL singer Patrick Scale has said music to him was more of a calling from God to preach His word for people to embrace the Kingdom of Heaven, than a business.

Scale, who is riding on his latest album, Mapfupa Akawoma, told NewsDay Life & Style that he grew up in a Christian family where he began singing gospel hymns at a tender age.

With that background, the Mweya Wangu hitmaker said the Bible inspired him to preach the Word of God to all corners of the world.

“In Colossians 3:16, St Paul instructs the Christian community to sing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs with thankfulness in your hearts to God. So from that tender age I was taught that music was essential wherever people praise God, words alone do not suffice,” he said.

“So, I can say music to me is a calling from God to preach his word. I am not in it for money. Actually, it is a blessing that I am a musician. I was born a musician and the passion for music grew from a tender age since Sunday school times.”

Scale said his music was for both Christians and non-Christians.

“My music is for everyone. This music is soul soothing to everyone who listens to it. I preach about love and love means loving your neighbour. The Bible tells us that we should be our brother’s keeper,” he said.

“As I sing the song Kuyanana, I encourage people to live in peace and harmony. People should always find each other and show one another some love. If it happens that you cross swords, you must smoke a peace pipe and love each other.”

Scale cemented the assertion that he is not in music for money in his song Nzira Neupenyu where he says heaven was real for the righteous.

“The Kingdom of Heaven is for all righteous people. People should know that it is the grace of God that makes one enter the kingdom of Heaven not how much (money) you have on earth,” he said.

“You might have large sums of money and if you transgress in the ways of righteousness, you will not enter the Kingdom of God. Those that will believe in Jesus Christ and are baptised with water, fire and Holy Spirit will enjoy the Kingdom of God.”

Some of the songs on his latest album include the title track Mapfupa Akawoma, Kunamata, Ishe Wemadzishe, Zvoshamisa and Ndega Ndakundikana.

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