Gokomere students trial postponed


THE trial of 23 Gokomere High School students charged for allegedly inciting public violence at their school in Masvingo province has been postponed to April 26.

The students are being represented by the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) lawyer Martin Mureri.

“The postponement was necessitated by the fact that some of the students were not served until yesterday,” Mureri told NewsDay on Monday.

“The students are answering to a charge of committing public violence for allegedly protesting against poor diet and unsuitable learning conditions in November 2021,” he said.

“The incident left some students nursing injuries after they were allegedly assaulted and tortured by the Zimbabwe Republic Police,” a ZLHR statement read.

The students are also accused of attacking two policemen who were investigating theft of food items from the school’s dining hall.

During the disturbances at the school, police re-enforcements were called after the students went on a rampage and damaged school property and the headmaster’s vehicle.

“The trial starts on April 26 and the students are expected to appear in court with their parents or guardians since they are minors,” the ZLHR said.

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