Four Reasons Why Every Traveller Needs to Visit Zimbabwe

For the outgoing and holiday- makers, the new baby in the safari fraternity offers a wide range of services.

Zimbabwe is a country that is not at the top of the list of most people because they don’t know the value or the beauty of this country. They are not familiar with the beautiful scenes, the wilderness, the safaris, the national parks, and the most famous Victoria Falls. People are not fully familiar with the country and its various destinations which is why they are hesitant to visit the country. For this reason, we will be having a look at some points and reasons why you should travel to Zimbabwe before it gets flooded with tourists from all over the world: 

1. Friendly & Educated People

Zimbabwe is different from other African nations in the sense that it is Africa’s most rewarding sightseeing destination and the people of Zimbabwe, the guides are well-educated individuals who can speak fluent English. The education system of Zimbabwe is famous in Africa and it is one of the best in southern Africa. 

While you will be on your visit to Zimbabwe, you will find the travel guide to be very friendly people who are patient, passionate, and knowledgeable. Zimbabwean travel guides have a wonderful reputation and their passion for wildlife is beyond explainable. They love what they do, showing people what makes Zimbabwe special. 

2. Close To Other Major Travel Hubs

Another reason to travel to Zimbabwe is that it is close to other major travel hubs on the continent. If you are in South Africa or want to visit South Africa then it is an easy flight from Harare to Johannesburg. The OR Tambo International Airport, Johannesburg is less than an hour’s flight away and you can do both, visit Zimbabwe while you are in South Africa or visit South Africa while you are in Zimbabwe. 

This closeness of Zimbabwe to other travel hubs makes it a good destination for traveling and you can visit the Safari wonderland in Zimbabwe and then get off to a quick flight to spend a few days in top hotels of Johannesburg and play some games like Solitaire with your friends while you are there.

3. National Parks Are Superb

This is one of the top reasons why people love visiting Zimbabwe, its national parks are superb. In the north of the country, you will get to see natural beauties like Victoria Falls, Hwange, and Mana Pools National Parks.

You can start your journey by seeing the Zambezi River and the mountains of the Great Rift Valley at the Ruckomechi Camp in Mana Pools. You will love your visit to Mana Pools because everything is so peaceful there and you can enjoy tiger fishing on the Zambezi and canoeing along the waterways and a game of Spider Solitaire at night with your kids or friends. Most kids love their stay here because of canoeing and game-watching around the waterways.

How can we forget Victoria Falls, which needs no introduction. Just like the beautiful Niagara Falls in the US and Canada, Victoria Falls presents an ever-beautiful view. If you happen to visit there in the Monsoon season then you will find a spectacle that can be seen for miles around the region. 

If you happen to love elephants then the Hwange area is the place that you should visit. There are over 40,000 elephants roaming the park and you can see them grazing around the park. All of these beautiful sites in Zimbabwe make it so special and tempting. 

4. There Are Other Hidden Gems And Parks Too

If you are done visiting the traditional safari circuit of the country and craving for visiting new vistas then you will find hidden gems in Zimbabwe that you might not have heard of before. Zimbabwe has numerous high-quality safari destinations apart from the famous ones, making its hidden and lesser-known parks such as Malilangwe, Matusadona, Matoba, etc offering a unique and special experience, where all of the area is virtually to yourself only. 

Around the Matusadona National Park, you will find Lake Kariba which makes this park look beautiful and its grasses lush and where grasses are lush then you can definitely expect antelope there. With antelope around, you can also expect to find a huge concentration of lions in the area. 

You can also find the beautiful and delicate rock art scattered among massive boulders at Metabo. And in various other places, you can expect to find many other natural beauties. Zimbabwe is a place that is a combination of wilderness with down-to-earth people and gorgeous accommodation that makes it a place to visit at least once. There is really no reason why you shouldn’t go or travel to Zimbabwe at least once.