Factors that are Affecting The Value of Cryptocurrency



In the present, we can often notice the advertisement of cryptocurrency and crypto exchange platforms popping up in our feeds. If you wonder why the cryptocurrency is making buzz nowadays? Then the reason behind this is their high price and huge profits. Yes, you can make profits if you trade or invest in cryptocurrency.

Nonetheless, you should also remember one thing, the crypto market is volatile in nature. Therefore, if you invest without adequate knowledge and research, then you can lose all your money within a fraction of a second. Cryptocurrency is a tricky business, and you need to know every information about this market sector.

Therefore, in this blog post, we will discuss the valuation of the cryptocurrency, and also, we will highlight the factors that affect the value of cryptocurrency.

Let us start with the valuation of cryptocurrency.

Valuation of cryptocurrency 

Cryptocurrency gets its value based on the scale of community involvement. If you want to know about the scale of community involvement, then let us explain, the scale of community involvement is based on the demand of the public or the scarcity or utility of these digital currencies.

Moreover, another factor that determines the value of the cryptocurrency is the value of the company. Do you know some of these digital coins are issued by private blockchain-related companies? Yes, it is true, therefore, the value of these private companies determines the valuation of cryptocurrency.

The factors that affect the value of cryptocurrency 

Now coming to the part you are waiting for, you need to understand that various factors affect the value of cryptocurrency, and it may vary depending on the market size or the country. But the following are the most common factors that affect the value of cryptocurrency.

  1. Rules and Regulations of the Government 

Due to decentralization, the government cannot interface in your trading or investment process. But they are one of the significant factors that can affect the value of cryptocurrency. And if you want to know “how?” well, the easiest way to determine the value is by implying a certain amount of tax on these digital currencies.

  1. Crypto exchange

There are few crypto exchange platforms that charge you whenever you do trading in cryptocurrency. The amount they charge increases the investment cost of that digital coin you’re using, and it is another factor that can affect the value of cryptocurrency.

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  1. Competition

Yes, competition is another crucial factor that can affect the value of cryptocurrency. At present, there are around 8,000 crypto coins available in the market, and almost every day a new coin is getting launched. As a result, it increases the competition among the digital currencies, which directly affects the value of these coins.


We hope that you have understood the factors that affect the value of cryptocurrency. And you must remember to do an in-depth market analysis before starting with your crypto journey.