Electrician ‘Mr P’ living his music dream

Electrician ‘Mr P’

SOUTH AFRICA-BASED Afro-jazz artiste, Precious “Mr P” Hanya reckons music has become more of a passion than a profession as he pursues a career in electronics.

To date, Mr P said he was happy to be living his dream in the world of showbiz despite being an electrician by profession.

He revealed that he launched his musical career in his early childhood in Chitungwiza.

In his efforts to assist aspiring musicians, Mr P established a music stable called Stanle that has nurtured a number of up-and-coming artistes.

Brief musical background
“Born and bred in Chitungwiza about 39 years ago, I was exposed to choral music after joining a primary school percussion band and later at secondary school (Zengeza 1 High) where I acquired most of my skills.

“In my early days, I have been part of a group of talented singers such as veteran gospel diva Amanda Sagonda and the Netherlands-based Vimbai Zimuto in the Zemgeza High 1 choir.”

“My music is a fusion of African sounds leaning heavily on the Afro-jazz side, the passada and dancehall sounds infused in the songs to give a young and different feel, thereby creating a unique  genre all together.

“It appeals to all age groups as I sing mostly about everyday life experiences and issues. My lyrics are clean and easy on the ear.”

Music themes
“My music chronicles day-to-day life experiences that everyone can relate to.

It comes naturally to write about real life issues that go on around me day in and day out.

I use music to give advice, rebuke and entertain.”

Mr P

“Personal experiences put life and soul into any creation.

They make the work relatable as I am driven by the passion for music, to educate, and entertain.

“I believe I have a lot to share with my fans and the world at large through music.

I love all the work that I have done so far, although I feel there are bigger and better things to follow.

“Music is a reflection of everyday life, the past, the present and the future, relevance is achieved by creating works that speak and address people and their environments.”

“I have so far released two albums namely The Beginning and The Return.

I believe the sky is the limit as songs like Murambadoro have proved when it dominated music chats on various online radio stations.

“My much-anticipated third album (a mixed bag) promises to be a banger having roped in the services of heavyweight musicians like Rasta Kwasa musician Dino Mudondo, Andy Muridzo and dancehall singer Hwindi President, real name Besel Mugo Parehwa.

Music stable
“I have established a music stable in my efforts to assist rising talent that has benefitted the likes of up-and-coming artistes such as Charleen Nenzou a.k.a Cici and John Tamuka Masuka, better known as JonWacho/Jonono.

“I would like to be remembered for being an answer to someone else’s prayers.”

“I probably became the first artiste in 2020 to release an animated musical video for my songs titled Cellphone.

The launch of the video was done on YouTube and other social media platforms.”

“I have no regrets and would not want to change anything about the path that I have travelled thus far.

I believe I have learnt a lot of valuable lessons through each and every experience such that I can only become a better person going forward.”

“I take criticism seriously, I use what I feel adds value to me and ignore whatever that does not. I am my biggest critic and my biggest fan also.

“I believe every individual is unique in their original form.

So, whenever I do anything that I personally think or feel it naturally becomes original.

“There are some works that you feel in hindsight that you could have done better, but people appreciate the works.

Above all, relevant recognition is a serious limitation for most new artists, it hinders progress.”

Off the stage
“I am a qualified electrician and businessman who runs an electrical company and a clothing label.

“It is my wish to grow my business to cover a wider range of people and employ more people.

As young adults it is upon us to create opportunities for ourselves and others.

“It is a challenge being a foreigner as it has its own disadvantages.

In terms of opportunities, you don’t get equal job opportunities and you get disadvantaged in terms of financial aid which is very necessary for the success and growth of any business.”

Family man
“I am happily married with four beautiful daughters.”

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