DJ Maxx takes Zimdancehall to UK


UNITED KINGDOM-BASED Zimbabwean wheelspinner Maxwell “Dj Maxx” Nyandoro said he was acting as a bridge between local dancehall artistes and UK promoters through distribution of the former’s music on his social media platforms.

Dj Maxx told NewsDay Life & Style that as a wheelspinner in a foreign land, he made sure that new music released by local artistes reach not only top promoters, but the rest of the players in the industry.

“I have a greater opportunity of linking up with big promoters as the moment I post Zimdancehall tunes on my pages, a lot of them (promoters) approach me in relation to the artiste — a development that helps in creating working opportunities,” he said.

“I also create mixtapes and play them during parties and gatherings where I will be deejaying. At my workplace, I associate with Africans from Ghana and Democratic Republic of Congo and many of them love and appreciate Zimdancehall.”

Dj Maxx has made beats that have become signatures behind top albums by some of the local artistes who include Nox, Van Choga, Hwindi President, Sir Gono, Ndunge Yut, and D flex.

“I have worked with Zimdancehall artistes who are in Zimbabwe and they do appreciate the work I have done for them,” he said.

“My main platforms that I use for music distribution include DJ Maxx 5 Star Killi Killi and Maxx Music Entertainment. I also use these platforms to advertise Zimdancehall shows.”

Dj Maxx has applauded Zimdancehall artistes for improving a lot in terms of changing the dancehall beat unlike the hard-core beat which he said was more of a reggae tune.

“Artistes are spicing up their beats with a fusion of amapiano and a little bit of rhumba which has drawn fans closer. This shows that they are now versatile and no longer confined to a single beat,” he said.

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