COVID-19 disrupts ManLuckerz’s goal in Sweden


SWEDEN-BASED Zimbabwean singer Makandire Luckson “ManLuckerz” Chikutu says the COVID-19 pandemic  disrupted his goal to spread Zimbabwean traditional music into Europe.

ManLuckerz is the brains behind Zimbabwe Music Bira, a cultural exchange festival that has seen a number of local artistes travelling to the Scandinavian country for live performances.

Speaking from his base in Uppsala City, ManLuckerz said COVID-19 had relegated artistes to digital performers.

“In making music, my driving force is a deep-rooted desire to strengthen relationships and build bridges to Africa between different cultures through music.

“Off the stage, this is also embraced through cultural exchanges, workshops and lectures,” he said.

“We appreciate the support from different stakeholders and the fans at large as we try to survive in such a difficult COVID-19 environment.

“In the meantime, we are yet to start live shows that attract physical audiences.”

“In this current COVID-19 environment, people are scared of physical gatherings.

“We are planning to start live streaming again as we prepare to launch our forthcoming six-track album titled Rongeka-Be Organised on March 26.”

Also known as the cultural ambassador, ManLuckerz said his forthcoming album sought to advise people with high dreams and ambitions to be organised in order to achieve their goals.

“The main message of the album is to say Rongeka in a foreign country by spreading your culture in a positive way to people.

“Feel proud of your culture. Being organised includes building the necessary friendships for collaboration, making calculated assessments before action, and doing one possible thing at a given time,” he said.

“The album is also an encouragement for one to set high targets, have trust and confidence in themselves and work hard towards set goals.”

“It also looks at how one should handle other people who may have a negative influence on one’s dreams. It talks of listening, understanding, and respecting, but not falling victim to other people’s views.”

Songs featured on the forthcoming album are Rongeka, Ukama, Zvidhakwa, Tapiwa, Ngwavha-Ngwavha and Pombi Yadonha.

ManLuckerz is backed by The Zim-Traditional Unity band.

Their music depicts societal vices that are hardly spoken about in Zimbabwe such as assault and abuse of women/children, rape, corruption and other social problems.

The band has performed at festivals in different countries, Sofia Galan in Järna, with Weeffect at Bio Rio, Swedish churches, World Culture Museum in Stockholm, in Europe and the United States.

They have shared the stage with great artistes, such as the late Andy Brown, Ambuya vaMadhinga Jesina, Mbira Dzenharira, Selmor Mtukudzi, Hope Masike and Eric Saade from Sweden, among others.

ManLuckerz has so far released six albums namely Macharangwanda/Remain, Pandiri/Where I am. Madhinga/Jesina: Identification. Gutu/My Roots, Mai NaBaba Molly/An (appreciation to his parents) and Ndundu-Madhaiza (a flashback identity about the old-fashioned tradition)

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