Chitsime pens book on fornication and sexual immorality

BEITBRIDGE-BASED novelist Milton Chitsime


BEITBRIDGE-BASED novelist Milton Chitsime penned a Christian book titled The Gospel of Abstinence which he described as a memo for the youths.

Chitsime, who writes in both English and Shona told NewsDay Life & Style that he wrote the book after observing that sexual immorality had become rampant among youths.

“The message in the book is that young people should preserve their bodies and present them holy and an acceptable sacrifice unto God.

“Fornication is a distinct sin because it is the only sin committed against one’s body, it defiles the same body,” he said.

“As matter of fact, the wine of fornication is sweet to the body, but sour to the soul, because the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, therefore, defiling it grieves and quenches the spirit.”

Chitsime described fornication as a sin which people are normalising.

“Fornication has reached unprecedented levels, it is now a pandemic. Most young people no longer fear to engage in the act partly because of contraceptives and other protective equipment,” he said.

“As these contraceptives and other protective methods are said to safeguard against unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections, in a way it paints a false impression of safe intimacy.”

“The doctrine of protection seems to have superseded the doctrine of abstinence.”

Chitsime bemoaned that people are prioritising protecting the physical body while neglecting the soul and spirit.

“We cannot sit back and watch Satan taking over, it is the will of God which should prevail and, indeed, if abstinence is the will of God, then fornication is the will of Satan.

“Meaning millions of young people are followers of the devil through sexual sin,” he said.

“People especially the youths should draw some inspiration from the ancient people like Mary, Joseph the dreamer and Paul in order to have the right relationship with God.”

Apart from The Gospel of Abstinence, Chitsime has written other books which include Mbona Mbona, Pride of a Girl Child, The Spiritual Side of Sex.

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