Catholic priest caught in Mutoko love triangle

domestic violence

A MUTOKO couple has been dragged before the courts to answer to charges of gender-based violence (GBV) which they have been perpetrating on each other.

The couple, Angela Kanhongwa (31) and Tawanda Gwete (30) are accusing each other of domestic violence.

Kanhongwa of house number 244 Chinzanga in Mutoko, is accused of contravening section 4 (1) as defined with section 3 (1) (a) of the Domestic Violence Act Chapter 5.16.

Her husband Gwete is a driver and alleges that sometime of January 16, 2022 he found a man Takaiwana Katsvairo sitting in the dinning room area of his house.

When he asked questions about Katsvairo, it is alleged that Kanhongwa came out of the bedroom with a knife and stabbed Gwete on the left hand.

Catholic priest caught in alove triangle

A police report was then made.  Kanhongwa, who was represented by Reason Muchirevesi, who applied for discharge of the case after the close of state case.

However, Muchirevesi (lawyer) said when Gwete arrived at his house, he found Katsvairo, and Raymond Kondo (a Catholic priest) having supper with Kanhongwa.

Under cross examination, Gwete denied the allegations alleging that Kanhongwa and Kondo were the ones that had assaulted him.

Mutoko magistrate Rumbidzai Mhandu will pass judgment on the matter on February 23.

Chipo Munemero prosecuted.

Gwete also faces GBV charges after Kanhongwa reported that on the day in question he was actually the one that beat her up and damaged the family’s property worth $32 000.

Kanhongwa, who had to apply for a peace order, alleges that Gwete assaulted Kondo (priest) by striking him twice on the head with an unknown object and by breaking the windows of his vehicle.

Gwete also faces a second charge of violating section 89 (1) (a) of the Criminal Law Codification and Reform Act, chapter 09.23 for assaulting the priest.

‘‘Complainant is Raymond Kondo a male aged 39 years residing at Mutemwa Leprosy and Care Centre, Mutoko.

He is employed as an administrator at the centre.

He is a Roman Catholic priest,’’ reads court papers.

It is alleged that on January 16 at around 2200hrs, Gwete found his wife Kanhongwa having supper with Kondo and Katsvairo.

‘‘The accused person (Gwete) then broke the door using a hammer and accused his wife, Angela of having a love affair with Kondo.

He then stuck the complainant (priest) once on the head and on the left hand with an unknown object.

Kondo was injured on left shoulder, index and middle fingers,’’ reads the state papers.

The cases were postponed to February 15.