Betis to bring Seville party to Zim

Real Betis renew Betis Academy Zimbabwe

THE Real Betis Academy Zimbabwe and the Spanish embassy are set to host a coaching clinic and a La Liga watch party for the clash between FC Sevilla and Real Betis, popularly known as the “El Grab Derbi” on Sunday in Harare.

The watch party has been slated to start at 4:30pm, with kick off at 5:15pm.

Real Betis launched their first football school on the African soil in Harare last year as part of their strategic plan to extend their brand and club values around the world.

And there has been much anticipation that the project will transform grassroot football in the country.

Betis Academy in Zimbabwe chief executive officer Gerald Sibanda said they were moving in the right direction despite the COVID-19 effects on sports in the country.

Sibanda said the project had enhanced sports tourism in the country to a great extent.

“It’s an exciting time for the Betis Academy, as this match is one of the most important ones every season for the club,” he said.

“Joining forces with the Spanish embassy and La Liga to gather the Zimbabwean football community and watch it together makes this an even more special day.

“It is a fantastic moment for sports tourism and marketing Brand Zimbabwe. I look forward to more projects to come with La Liga for our community.”

Spanish ambassador to Zimbabwe, Santiago Gomez-Acebo said: “Through La Liga’s televised Spanish soccer matches here and through the new Betis Academy Zimbabwe in Harare, since 2020, relations between Spain and Zimbabwe have begun to grow in a new and very promising way.

“Besides its evident economic local benefits, we are very pleased that Spain is already helping to develop this country’s football potential.

“Therefore, we are very much looking forward to this growing private Spanish-Zimbabwean partnership. We think it moves in the right direction to foster a closer relationship with Spain and that it will be very successful.”

La Liga southern Africa managing director, Marcos Pelegrin said the event was aimed at bringing La Liga closer to African football supporters.

“The launch of the Betis Academy is a fantastic milestone for LaLiga and its clubs in southern Africa and will give many young footballers and all Zimbabweans the chance to learn more about and associate closely with Real Betis,” he said.

“The watch party will also be a great chance for passionate Harare football fans to experience the ‘El Gran Derbi’ in a festive, fantastic atmosphere. It is an event we are really looking forward to as we bring LaLiga closer to African football fans.”

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