Self-development process

Jonah Nyoni

By Jonah Nyoni
MOST people have the capacity to achieve their goals in life, but they have failed because they lack consistency and commitment. When the year starts, most people have great dreams, but less people achieve those dreams. Why? This is because most people don’t have a structured and a systematic way of doing things to achieve the intended goals.


This speaks to two major things: Your personal purpose and goals. The moment you know that you were sent to this planet for and with a purpose, it becomes easy to pursue it and always align yourself to that purpose.

One has to have goals to achieve. Everyone has to have a target in life.

Without a target, you won’t even know you have arrived or you are in the right direction. When you have a plan, you know the route to take and the resources needed.


Know the areas that need development in your life. It is important to improve your skills and acquire relevant expertise.

Change is best answered by people that are willing and are flexible to learn.

Know your areas that need to be improved in your life or skills. Remember, you can learn anything as long as you are willing to.


Tools speak to resources that are needed. In order to achieve your goals, you must know the resources at your disposal and the resources you need to achieve that goal. These could be human, money, and material resources.


The famous adage says: “When preparation meets opportunity, success is inevitable.” However, when one does not have an eye to discern an opportunity, they might miss the chance to win.

Opportunities are replete around us. Some opportunities come shrouded as problems.  Some opportunities come in every change of a season. For example, it’s wise to know that after winter comes summer and when summer comes one should plough in order to harvest.

Plan of action

In the process of development, you must have a plan of action. Remember, success is not a one day event, but a collection of systematic events that combine resulting in success. Also you might have the necessary resources, plans, skills and opportunities, but if you don’t take action on all those, you won’t get anywhere.


Keep record of activities in order to assess progress and performance. As we work, we need to review progress in order to know what works and what does not work.


The process of development has to be constantly reviewed. As we review we discover other areas of need, the best tools that result in efficiency, speed and effectiveness.