Police intensify fight against drug abuse



POLICE yesterday urged the public to co-operate in fighting the scourge of drug abuse in the country, especially crystal meth.

In a statement, police said they had intensified Operation No to Crystal Meth, which was launched last year in April.

In an interview on Star FM radio, police detective in the Criminal Investigations Department on Drugs and Narcotics Inspector Kundizeza said crystal meth was being smuggled into the country from South Africa.

He said it was a highly addictive stimulant whose market had been growing over the years.

“The community knows these people who are involved in drug peddling, but most people are silent about it. If you know where these peddlers are, please let us know and the informant will not be exposed,” Kundiedza

“Some drug houses known as bases that have become havens of dangerous narcotics have been destroyed, and police officers have been deployed at border posts and roadblocks to deal with drug peddlers.”

Kundiedza warned police officers who were assisting drug dealers to smuggle drugs to desist from doing so as they risked being arrested.

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