NAC warns against untested herbs


The National Aids Council of Zimbabwe (NAC) has warned against the use of unapproved medicines and herbs being sold on the streets as cures for HIV/Aids which it says could be detrimental to the health of people who take them.

In a statement yesterday, NAC discouraged the use of antiretroviral drugs simultaneously with herbs or traditional medicines.

“ARVs are very effective in treating HIV infections on their own. They do not need any assistance from other herbs or medicines if taken correctly,” the statement read.

“The danger with these herbs and traditional medicines is that they are not scientifically proven to cure the disease but there are notable consequences for using herbs and traditional drugs that are not certified by the Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe,” NAC said.

It said cases of people suffering from organ damage such as liver and kidneys due to use of untested herbs have been

“Some of the manufacturers of these drugs may have submitted samples for testing but it is premature to start selling the products before processes are completed,” NAC said.

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