Icaz to launch Public Sector Professional Accountant Zim


Melody Chikono
THE Institute of Chartered Accountants of Zimbabwe (Icaz) is set to officially launch Public Sector Professional Accountant (Zimbabwe) [(PSPA(Z)] with 10 members graduating this quarter.

The programme is a mirror of the chartered accountant (CA) programme complemented with public sector specific competencies as the institute continues to engage with government to improve the overall state of accounting, audit and advisory in Zimbabwe.

While the programme is yet to be officially launched, Icaz acting chief executive Owen Mavengere said enrolment under the programme had been ongoing.

In the past, Icaz has been increasing in its presence in the public sector space at a time when Auditor-General Mildred Chiri has over the years bemoaned the state of government accounting.

There has also been indications that there is a shortage of CAs in the public sector and Mavengere said the launch of the PSPA(Z) sought to address this gap.

“There are some CAs for example, at the Office of the Auditor-General. However, your question still remains. In response, I would say Icaz continues to engage with the government to provide advice, comments or any other input, therefore, we continue to be a partner when called upon. Secondly, and more importantly, Icaz is launching the CA for the public sector known as the Public Sector Professional Accountant (Zimbabwe) [PSPA(Z)]. This programme is going to see its first 10 members graduate this quarter. This is a mirror of the CA programme complemented with public sector specific competencies.

“We also hold an annual event for the public sector which was rebranded and is now known as the Public Sector Convention, where critical issues are discussed. The seventh version of the rebranded convention is going to be held in September 2022,” He said

Mavengere added that Icaz had been supporting government’s initiative to adopt International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS) by 2026.

Such efforts include the IPSAS Certification Course which assists in the interpretation and application of public sector accounting standards. Mavengere said the course had been undertaken by about 400 government officials, with enrolment for the February session ongoing.

Over the years, Chiri has indicated that government and key government institutions’ accounting systems were in shambles.

He said be it public or private sector, there was always room for improvement.

He said there was need for initiatives to retain key talent, continued support of the initiative to migrate to accrual accounting through the IPSAS adoption by 2026 as well as continued support of the initiatives by professional accountancy organisations such as Icaz’s own PSPA(Z) and similar projects from other PAOs by both  the private and public sectors.

“There is also need for increased visibility by professional accounting organisations, for example, Icaz is partnering with a government arm to offer training to various public entities. It is also key to ensure greater monitoring of members in the profession by PAOs with increased emphasis on ethical conduct,” he said.

“The public has a role to play as well, for example, reporting instances of unethical behaviour.”

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