Graphic designers in dancehall poster challenge

Blessing “Blexs Gyver” Hama


ZIMDANCEHALL AWARDS director and organiser Blessing “Blexs Gyver” Hama has created a platform for graphic designers to showcase their artistry through a poster challenge running on the Zimdancehall social media page.

Speaking to NewsDay Life & Style Blexs Gyver said the challenge, which started on January 5 after the announcement of 2021 Zimdancehall nominees, ends today.

“This initiative was encouraged after we realised that there were so many graphic designers out there doing a good job in creating beautiful designs for our artistes, promoters, DJs and so forth which helps in creating a spending market for projects or events,” he said.

“As most graphic designers often lament lack of recognition in the industry we, therefore, came up with this challenge to give them the chance to prove how creative they are given such a short space of time.”

Blexs Gyver said although his aim was to promote talent, the challenge winners were, however, going to be rewarded.

“There are definitely prizes to be won which consist of laptops and cash for all the outstanding posters with more votes. We are really surprised with the response we have gathered so far, as of now more than 80 posters have been submitted which shows that the challenge acted as a wake-up call to the designers,” he said.

“As the organiser of the Zimdancehall awards, the main aim is to celebrate dancehall achievement and uplifting youths in the dancehall zone. As we have been going to many places across the country, at the moment we are in South Africa supporting and elevating Zimdancehall.”

“Here (South Africa) we are going to meet with great producers whom we will also work with in creating more riddims for dancehall artistes.”

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