Bitcoin Prime: What you need to know before using it


Have you ever used Bitcoin Prime? Does Bitcoin Prime really make money? The operation is one of the utmost cunning: putting together two very popular phenomena in this period: Bitcoin and Amazon and creating a platform that promises to earn up to $ 1,000 per day, with an 88% success rate.

In fact, it relies on the one hand on the incredible return of Bitcoin prices and on the other hand on the very popular service – complete with dedicated discount days – of the most popular e-commerce platform: Prime.

All this, creating a logo that is very similar to that of Amazon Prime, complete with a smile. Changing only the color.From a more captivating blue than the original logo to a more relaxing and persuasive orange.

Before reaching hasty conclusions, however, let’s see what Bitcoin Prime is and how it works and what the best alternatives are.If you want to invest in cryptocurrencies, the most convenient solution is that of CFD contracts. In fact, with regulated brokers you can negotiate on the price trend. For example, eToro allows you to trade on the best cryptocurrencies.

What is Bitcoin Prime?

It is an automatic cryptocurrency trading system, also called trading bot, based on artificial intelligence. Therefore, it aims to operate in the place of the user, who only has the task of inserting money and waiting for the system to work for him.

Bitcoin Prime allows you to perform thousands of trades in a very short period of time. With a success rate of almost 90% (all in all they kept low, since usually 97 or 99 percent) and that generates profits of up to $ 1000 per day.

So, we are talking about about 30 thousand dollars per month and 360 thousand dollars a year. A life on vacation, then.

How it works

Let’s try to understand technically how Bitcoin Prime works, although, as always happens for these miraculous systems, there are very few technical explanations.

It just says that you need to register on the website for free. For the rest, its operation would be based on these assumptions:

Analyze the price of cryptocurrencies

Identify the most profitable trades

Opens and closes positions on behalf of the user

All this, based on artificial intelligence. A technology that is accompanying us more and more in our everyday life and that is becoming increasingly popular also in online trading. In this case, we are talking about powerful algorithms, which would be able to decrypt thousands of transactions every second positioning itself in favor of the trader.

Bitcoin Prime also proposes itself as a broker that does not include any costs. You just need to deposit an initial sum, having a minimum threshold of 250 dollars (a must now found in many platforms in the smell of scam). Once the deposit is made, the funds will be transferred to a regulated broker. Finally, if a profit is made, Bitcoin Prime allows (at least on paper) to withdraw the funds without any commission.

The opinions of users are also conflicting. On the platform it is talked about enthusiastically, with several people claiming to have grown rich and that it works. However, considering its increasing popularity day by day, it can be concluded that Bitcoin Prime is worth a try, especially for amateurs who have not yet mastered how to transact in this risky crypto market. Hopefully what has been explained above could add to your insight on how to earn in the crypto market. Thanks for reading and have a nice day!