Author Takuberekera pens leaders’ handbook



AUTHOR Brian Takuberekera (pictured) has penned a new book titled Ideas that Work which he described as a community leader’s handbook.

The book is set to be launched on February 21 at the University of Zimbabwe.

Takuberekera told NewsDay Life & Style that the book, which has 11 chapters, focuses on community leadership, environmental awareness and climate, among other issues.

“The subject of the book is community development and community leadership.

“The book simplifies community leadership and who can be identified as a community leader, highlighting what is expected or the competencies of a community leader,” he said.

“The book also has some ideas which can be used for community development as it suggests a series of ideas on programmes, projects, values and campaigns that can be pursued so as to ensure the vibrancy of community development”.

Takuberekera said in coming up with the book, he was motivated by the researches he conducted on community development and leadership.

“I have witnessed cases of members of Parliament who, after receiving the Constituency Development Fund have no idea about what project to carry out in their constituencies except to buy a new grinding mill for women,” he said.

“I then started identifying Members of Parliament to work with and after the 2018 elections, I worked with two Members of Parliament suggesting ideas for their constituencies.”

Takuberekera is also a columnist at NewsDay, published by Alpha Media Holdings.

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