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Increase Ecommerce Conversion Rates Through Videos


Your high-quality video content is driving more traffic, but is it driving conversions on your website? It’s important to optimize your business and brand as much as possible and keep an eye out for new ways to optimize it. You must make all the possible efforts to drive higher conversion rates and learn how to get more visitors to your website and buy what your e-commerce store sells? There are several things you can do to increase your ecommerce conversion rate.

Why video marketing is so important

Video marketing is vital as more people prefer video to still images and text. Videos can be informative and interesting and have overtaken other formats of content in terms of user consumption. Combining brilliant video marketing strategies with well-placed video content can increase conversion rates. But creating and editing compelling videos isn’t enough to get more conversions. Without a video conversion rate optimization (CRO) strategy, video can take up valuable space on your website and not generate sales or profits.

Strategies for optimizing video conversion

Besides uploading content to YouTube or websites, you need to implement a solid video marketing strategy. Let’s look at some strategies for optimizing video conversion rates.

1. Optimize video placement

You need to choose the best platform or channel for posting video content. This could be social media, YouTube, a company landing page, or a product page. Subscription-based companies can earn more conversions by placing video on their landing pages, while e-commerce retailers can add video content to their product pages. Instead of relying solely on social media platforms, think about where to put your videos.

2. Optimize video type

To optimize video conversion rates, it’s important to create the content your viewers want. There are many different types of videos you can upload, like promotional videos, corporate culture videos, customer reviews, instructional videos, and product tutorials. You can create and edit these well-framed videos using a professional and effective online video editor.

3. A / B testing helps with video CRO strategies

This is a checklist to help you identify the key features you need to include in your e-commerce marketing intelligence solution. This can ease your daily struggles with your data, increase sales, and reduce customer acquisition.

4. Add a clickable link

Another video CRO strategy is to add links that enhance the user’s browsing or shopping experience. This allows you to add hotspots that allow viewers to click on specific parts of the video to redirect to the product page. Another factor you can add to optimize your video conversion rate is the lead capture form. You can choose to gate all your video content or offer it as an option for viewers who want to receive updates from your company.

5. Leverage marketing automation

Integrate automated video creation and marketing tools into your video hosting platform to gain insights into your current video marketing strategy and generate leads from video viewer data. With such tools, you can segment your target groups, develop leads, and track your return on investment (ROI).

Why is video marketing so essential in digital marketing?

Video marketing is not a luxury anymore, in fact, it has become a necessity for businesses and brands because of the following reasons:

1. Use video to increase visitor engagement

Visitor engagement has a big impact on conversions. The more enthusiastic your visitors are, the longer they are long enough to understand what you have to offer and how your product can help them. When it comes to visitor engagement, other forms of content are second to video marketing. The beauty of video is that it combines multiple formats for communicating information for example video footage, narration, text, images, etc.

2. Use video to effectively convey the features of the product

Many online stores share product images and detailed product descriptions to provide ideas about what customers like. Despite the general saying that photos deserve a thousand words, photos can be very limited, especially when it comes to product images. Even after looking at the product photos, potential customers may still have questions about the product. Thus, the use of videos can better project your products and services.

3. Use video to increase consumer confidence

One of the biggest conversion killers in e-commerce is the lack of customer trust. Customers buy products that they have never seen from someone they have never met. Online shoppers are a little scared when shopping on unfamiliar websites. Video tells them more about your business, brand, your way of working, and everything about your products. This helps them trust you and then eventually buy from you.

4. Use video to capture leads

One of the best ways to increase conversions is to have a fully optimized sales funnel to convert your website visitors from one-time visitors to repeaters. However, it is not possible to guide prospects to the sales target achievement process without first gathering information. After doing analytical research on your target audience, frame considerable videos to enhance them and convert them into potential leads.

5. Use video to address customer concerns

Your prospect may be trying to make a purchase, maybe he doesn’t understand anything about your product, or maybe he has other problems. Concentrate on all customer concerns and make videos to resolve them.

6. Video provides a better omnichannel experience.

Video allows you to track your customer experience from start to finish on the digital channels that potential customers may use to find you. Maximum shoppers shop on multiple channels like social media, email, and website content. Therefore, it is essential to be everywhere to facilitate the information gathering and purchasing process. Nothing helps this more than the videos that users overwhelmingly like. Videos are shared a lot more than any other content. Word of mouth is still popular in the digital age. Even if positive reviews come in the form of social video sharing, positive reviews are important for increasing sales.

How to create high converting video content

Most videos quickly get the attention of users, but you need great videos to attract viewers and encourage them to subscribe and buy products. As your target audience has a myriad of choices on the internet, it’s important to stand out. Follow these tips for creating up-conversion videos.

1. Hire an expert

Hire an agency with years of experience and technical know-how to provide the video marketing services you need. A full-service video production company can handle everything from creative services to delivery.

2. Customize thumbnails

A smile means kindness and openness, so consider using a smiling person for the thumbnails. There are tools online that you can use to create eye-catching video thumbnails.

3. Make your videos concise, entertaining, and fun

Keep your videos simple, as users tend to lose interest over time. Immediately entertain the viewer and keep the viewer watching.

4. Provide product information

Present your product from different angles and explain it in as much detail as possible. This includes, but is not limited to, shipping and returns, ease of use, durability, product features, and benefits, etc.

5. Tell a story

This helps you build connections with your customers. An explanatory video highlights the value of the product, increases conversions, and gets the attention of your target audience.

6. Gain the trust of the audience

Adding videos to your website, social media channels, or product page can build customer trust and increase conversion rates by adding a face to your name or brand that makes your target audience more accessible to your company.


Knowing the correct format for your target audience to get your information plays an important role in persuading them to become customers. Providing the right high-conversion videos is essential to the success of online marketing. Your videos are an important part of your buying cycle, so you can pay off by developing good video marketing strategies using professional services to increase conversions and accelerate sales.

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