What The 10Bet launch in Zambia and DRC Will Mean For You


Recently, the CEO of 10Bet announced to the public that the company will be beginning its venture into Zambia and DRC in the near future. In fact, this may be happening even sooner than you may think.

This news is likely to be received extremely positively by the inhabitants of Zambia and DRC, and it is something that a vast number of people are excitedly waiting for. Whether you are a sports fan or not, this recent move by 10Bet will likely have an effect on you if you live in Zambia or DRC, and that is precisely what we will be discussing throughout this article.

In this article, we will be going over and covering the whole ordeal surrounding the 10Bet launch in Zambia and DRC, as well as talking about why this recent move by 10Bet will more than likely have an effect on you if you happen to live in the aforementioned countries.

 A Wide Range Of Games To Play

If you happen to live in one of the countries in which 10Bet is already available to the public, then you are certainly in for a treat if you love playing at online casinos or betting on your favourite sports.

The 10bet DRC launch is going to be so vital for the people of DRC and Zambia because for so long they have had to go without any of the popular online entertainment sites we know and love. This is mainly due to the common misconception people hold about Africa, being that Africa is still an extremely poor nation with next to no technology.

It is true that there are places in Africa where the residents struggle to even meet their basic needs, there is no doubt about that. However, for the vast majority of major cities in Africa, technology is just as abundant as it is anywhere else.

So, 10Bet is more than likely going to be welcomed with open arms when people hear of this news, and it certainly is an amazing thing that the people of DRC and Zambia will finally be able to play all the most popular online casino games that we have come to love. Furthermore, if you take a look at any 10bet review, you will quickly see how respected and beloved their site is, with vast amounts of people praising them as the best online casino/betting site out there.

People’s Misconceptions Of Africa Are Changing

The fact that a successful company as large as 10Bet has opted to open its own branch of 10Bet Zambia goes to show the changing perceptions within how people and businesses view Africa.

Africa has a unique economy that makes almost the perfect environment for businesses to grow right now, and more and more companies are beginning to realise this.

Perhaps the main misconception that is stunting the growth of Africa and stopping other businesses from venturing into her borders is the fact that the majority of people think the whole of Africa is technologically inept, meaning that there would be next to no profit to be made for transferring businesses.

Like we mentioned before, there are an endless number of places in Africa that are technologically advanced, and there are more than enough people that would be eligible to partake in online activities. Of course, there are certainly poorer parts of Africa that do not have access to any technology at all, but more and more they are becoming the minority.

10Bets decision to launch in Zambia and DRC just goes to prove this point, and it also gives the go-ahead to other apprehensive businesses who are looking to take the plunge into Africa but are on the fence.

After reading this article, you should already have somewhat of an idea of how much the 10Bet launch will affect you. If you happen to live in Zambia or DRC, not only will you have access to an exciting online entertainment hub that has next to no competition, but you will also be able to reap the benefits from the business that 10Bet is bringing to the nation.

Alternatively, if you do not reside in Zambia or DRC, then you get to rejoice in the fact that the African economy is on the rise. Whichever category you may fall into, we can all agree that a large and successful company like 10Bet moving into Africa is a tremendous thing, and we cant wait to see what 10Bet has in store for us next.