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The gambling laws in Zimbabwe


There are a myriad of common misconceptions and a certain vagueness surrounding the laws of gambling in Zimbabwe and the functioning of gambling providers. Although those in Zimbabwe have only just gotten to the point where half of the population has access to the internet, it has an elevated adult literary rate.

The online gambling market is tremendously popular in the West, including across Europe and the USA. It is also gaining attention in Zimbabwe which means that online casino providers can present their services on mobile compatible apps. So, if you’re asking yourself can I play slots on my mobile in Zimbabwe, the answer is yes! Thankfully, gambling is regulated by The Gaming Act in Zimbabwe, read on to find out more.

African gaming laws

Africa is such a vast and expanse continent which has full range of gambling practices. Africans constitute around 16% of the world’s population, but only 1.1% of online gambling statistics are attributed to it.

Although it can be regarded as favoured and admired hobby in many African nations, gambling is stringently forbid in some countries and critically confined in many others.

Zimbabwe has a population of around 16 million people. It’s gaming laws deviate from many other countries in the continent of Africa. For example, Egypt, outrightly bans all types of gambling.

Clearly we know that any lottery and gaming activities in Zimbabwe is regulated and overseen by The Lotteries and Gaming Act which was enforced in 1998. Furthermore, like in many countries, those who are aged 18 and over are permitted to gamble in Zimbabwe.

The Popularity of Online Gambling

In particular, mobile gambling is gaining popularity in Zimbabwe. Online gambling is also legal and regulated by the Gaming Act. There is fewer clear rules around the legality of online gambling in Zimbabwe. Whilst there are no laws that definitely say that online gambling is illegal, alternatively there are also no laws to say it is outlawed either.

This means that those who are inquisitive about gambling can still opt to play online by accessing them from their desktop or smartphone from their own homes.

More people are now playing casino games online on devices such as mobile phones.

Why Is Gambling Becoming More Popular in Zimbabwe?

With higher levels of unemployment and economic hardships, those in Zimbabwe are looking towards gambling as a potential source of income outside the formal economy.

When contrasted with the entire African continent, numbers of those who engage in online gambling offers us a rough notion of just how much more online gambling takes place in Europe.

To put it into context, the online sector in Germany a GGR that is in the region of the entire continent of Africa from both casino gambling and gambling online.

Roughly about fifty percent of Africa’s gambling income is generated from South Africa, but even in this context, it is not comparable in juxtaposition to Germany.

Why choose online slot games?

It is a quick, easy and simple game to please players amusement and pleasure.

It is also an entertaining and amusing pastime, but also a method of escapism as those who engage in the activity can dream of escaping poverty.

They are easily accessible and convenient as well as a way of maintaining anonymity and confidentiality.

One of the most popular games in the world is Blackjack which is a casino banking game.  This uses decks of 52 cards and comes from a worldwide chain of casino banking games called Twenty-One.

Blackjack is simultaneously a fun release as well as a way to develop new skills and cope under pressure situations.

Moreover, Roulette is a game that is less focused on strategic thinking and it more about chance. Winnings rely on the outcome of a spin which is completely random.

The player is allowed to place a bet on a single number, a collection of numbers and choose between the color red or black.

In terms of popular online slot games, Starburst is the most popular one and it is very straightforward. This includes placing your bet, pressing spin and land three or more matching symbols across a line.

When you land on a pay line, this is correlated to a reward. It is customary for online slot machines to pay from left-to-right, but in this game, there is also an opportunity to reap rewards from left-to-right.

Another popular online slot game is Book of Dead. It has a typical structure with five reels and three rows. With its high-quality visuals, legitimate soundtrack and plausible bonus features it is an alluring and enticing game.

Slot games are one of the most popular casino games due to their bright lights and various themes.

What about the future of online gaming trends in Africa and in Zimbabwe?

As mentioned, as Zimbabwe has only just reached the place where about half of the country has access to the Internet, the online casino industry is looking promising.

With this increased level of online gaming accessibility in Zimbabwe, this has invoked a conversation around the demand for distinct and defined legislation.

Africa is becoming one of the largest growth markets for gambling online. This is because it is beginning to adopt mannerisms and customs that the West have.

If Zimbabwe is ready to fully champion for online gambling and embrace the economic possibilities, the government must carefully consider methods of regulation and control.

Looking into the future, we can anticipate that countries will begin to replicate the conduct of Nigeria and begin to adopt legal frameworks for online betting and gambling. This means that a large host of countries in Africa can begin to reap the possible revenue income by taxing these legal enterprises.

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