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Matambo sculptor on a mission


LOCAL sculptor and sungura singer Livingston Matambo is a man of great artistic talent who combines carving and singing.

On the musical front, Matambo leads Orchestra Gonakutova band while in sculpting, he is famed for abstracts such as Flames of Fire, Third Corona Virus Wave, Climbing Flower, Somersault and Spin and Fruit Floor.

Matambo, who has remained level-headed in the creative sector, narrates each theme on his carvings with calmness.

“My carvings are meant for both indoor and outdoor displays and are suitable for home, garden, offices and hotel.

“In business, they are used for lifting or drawing attention whereas in other circles they add beauty and increase presence,” he said.

Matambo has a story to tell for each of his carvings.

Flames of Fire stands for unending family love which no one should extinguish, family ties should be founded on love.

“The Third Coronus Virus Wave is a reminder to everyone to keep safety regulations prescribed by the World Health Organisation and the government to: wash hands, sanitise, mask up, maintain social distance as a way of combating the tide,” he said.

“The Climbing Flower symbolises the endurance and focus everyone needs in addressing life issues.

“The flower faces a lot of challenges in its growth, but continues to soar to greater heights while seriously avoiding past impediments.”

He added: “My Somersault and Spin is a desperate call to flexibility when solving life challenges. In life we must be full of energy to face any challenge.

“My Fruit Floor encourages farmers to feed the soil, monitor the crop and eventually get good harvests.”

Matambo, who is also a member of the Fun City Theatre housed at the Chitungwiza Arts Centre, believes with good support and mentorship he will take his craft beyond the borders.

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