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HLB constructs incinerator for local clinic



HWANGE Local Board (HLB) has constructed a medical incinerator at Empumalanga Clinic to ensure an environmentally safe solid waste management system at the health facility.

The local board used devolution funds to construct the incinerator.

The clinic’s sister-in-charge Sindiso Mhlanga said having an incinerator was in-line with modern trends of ensuring safe disposal of waste produced from a medical facility.

“Construction of the incinerator will go a long way in facilitating management and disposal of medical waste. Disposal of medical waste in unsecured and unprotected areas can be hazardous to both human and animal health,” Mhlanga said.

“We expect the incinerator to play a huge role in the disposal of placentas once we open a maternity wing at the clinic.”

In its latest report, the HLB said incineration was best suited for medical waste to render the waste non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-putrescible while also reducing the volume of material for ultimate disposal.

“Prior to the construction of the incinerator, the clinic was using an otway pit to destroy discarded material. An otway pit is an outdated facility of disposing medical waste compared to an incinerator,” the council said.

“Through utilisation of devolution funds, the local authority also erected a perimeter fence, purchased two 2 000-litre Jojo tanks and a pump to be used as back-up in the event of water cuts.”

HLB recently complained over the reckless disposal of waste.

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