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Hip-hop singer aims high


RISING hip-hop artiste and film director Evans Chitsvuku says he plans to set up a music stable to stay relevant in the challenging music industry.

The Kwekwe-based artiste told NewsDay Life & Style that he is working hard to be recognised on both national and international music platforms.

“I started my music career in 2018 doing hip-hop then l switched to a fusion of hip-hop and pop in 2019 not only to be versatile, but to appeal to listeners from different walks of life,” he said.

“I want to be relevant to each and every person, so that I can be able to work with both locally and internationally recognised artistes. To achieve this, you have to get recognition.”

Chitsvuku said he was taking baby steps into the music industry so as to realise his dreams and aspirations.

“I sing mainly about the hustle of getting food on the table and love stories because those are the major issues affecting everyone. I make music that talks to everyone and relates to their day-to-day living,” he said.

“I have managed to get airplay on local, regional radio and television stations. I hope to get international recognition and if things go well, I wish to put together a live band and move from digital music.”

Chitsvuku said he would be opening a new page in 2022, which would see him adopting a new style, new marketing strategy and tapping into a new market.

“The plan is to rebrand, I want to make more music which appeals to a youthful audience who make up the bulk of the music market. The long-term plan is to put up a record stable that will become a brand,” he said.

Chitsvuku said Mc Dropper, also from Kwekwe, had been a great source of inspiration in his career.

“I have great respect for Mc Dropper’s talent. I have come to realise that sometimes passion outweighs talent, so one has to be passionate about what he or she does to go places,” he said.

On the film front, Chitsvuku said he was working on various projects.

“I also have a passion for film hence I am the director of Dot Africa, an online television station. I once starred in a short film titled Tasara. I am naturally excited about multi-tasking so I find it easy to juggle between music, school and other stuff,” he said.

“As a film director, I am planning to take Zimbabwean film across the border so as to spread my wings and broaden my horizon. I am also working on an animated film based on my life story.

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