Expandables dances to movie scene


AWARD-WINNING dance crew Expandables has expanded its creativity into film with its latest production titled Gwenzi themed around the importance of respect, unity and love in society set to premiere soon.

In a recent interview with NewsDay Life & Style, the group’s representative   , who is also the movie’s scriptwriter, said Gwenzi showed how dance was an important factor in highlighting societal values and responsibilities.

“The movie Gwenzi was created in an ancient way portraying love, dance and respect. It shows how dance can bring love to the community, and also unite people.

“The movie’s teaching and lessons also tally with how the crew started in 2014. The crew was assembled from people who left other groups, became one and respected each other for them to work together.”

Hunidzarira said the dance crew aimed to entertain and educate people, especially the youths.

“The name Expandables was born out of coming together, spreading our talent, various capabilities and expanding the group. Each member of the crew brings something unique to the table.

“Some come with ideas, some bring choreographing skills and others deejaying skills,” he said.

Hunidzarira said he was happy that dance was being recognised in the arts sector.

“People are now appreciating art and dance in particular. One of our members was appointed vice-president of the Dance Association of Zimbabwe, an indication that we are being recognised and appreciated in the arts, culture and recreation sector,” he said.

“Dance is contributing a lot to the arts industry as we are seeing some groups going out of the country participating in national and international programmes.”

He said the dance crew was working on various projects that contributed to communities.

“We are starting an anti-drug campaign to be launched soon.  We have faced challenges that have been a setback, but we have many projects that we are hoping to do,” he said.

“We also have Mwenje as part of the dance crew.

“This is an organisation that advocates against drug abuse in the community.

“Our vision is to be one of the biggest and most recognised dance hubs in the country.”

The dance crew is a three-time winner of the Zimbabwe Dancehall awards and has received the Outstanding Dance Crew award at Empire Awards (2019) and is a National Dance Association Zimbabwe 2020 winner.

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