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Sibanda living his dream



FOUNDER   and creative director of #byBAKARI clothing brand Bakari Sibanda says the growth of his brand has opened avenues for him to fulfil the dream of making the label a household name on the international market.

In an interview with NewsDay Life & Style, Sibanda said he wanted to popularise his African fashion brand since it had the potential to influence fashion worldwide.

“We are living in a digital world where you can reach anyone, anywhere at the click of a button. Social media has been one of the biggest tools that I have been using to reach the international market though it has been a challenge getting the products across the world because of the coronavirus pandemic,” he said.

“One way or the other, I feel some of the best colour combinations across the world have been influenced by Africa.

“People are now in a space where they are ready to accept that and incorporate everything and anything African into their style and we are here to fill that gap.”

Sibanda said his African print designs were made in a style that resonated with the younger generation.

“The #byBAKARI brand started back in 2018 when I decided to work with African print.

“Although I focus mainly on ready to wear garments from African print, we also offer custom-made service where clients come through to order their stuff and we make it,” he said.

“I feel fashion is all about one’s style and comfort. If one is able to express themselves through what they put on and feel confident and comfortable in it, then that is fashion.

“That is why most of my garments are made as per order so that I work with prints that speak to individuals.” He said working with big artistes enabled him to reach a wider market.

“I have worked with a couple of Zimbabwean artistes who include Tytan and Takura. I had the great experience of my merchandise being featured on the great production by Roki and Koffi Olomide and for me that was one of my dreams that came true,” he said.

“Getting to see my products on an international production like that is beyond what I could ever ask for. The growth of my brand over the past two years has been one of its success stories. The fact that almost everywhere you go, someone knows #byBAKARI is successful enough.”

“Working with big artistes has been an amazing experience. It has helped me realise that I can reach whatever level I want to as long as I put in the work.

“Some of these big artistes are great influencers and wearing my merchandise has had a positive impact on the brand.”

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