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Mabuyane tackles sexual frustration


A WARD-WINNING playwright, director and producer, John Mabuyane said his latest solo film titled Toxic Masculinity was intentionally explicit to drive home the message of sexual frustration.

The six-minute short film that was adapted from Mabuyane and Elton Sibanda’s stage play titled Dick Print, was produced by Ardent Creative and directed by Tino Michelle Mavimba.

Mabuyane told NewsDay Life & Style that the film explores toxic masculinity focusing on sexual lifestyle, sexual journeys, sexual expectations and the overall sexual worldview of men and how it affects them.

“I entered the art of health drama competition and decided to continue with my 2021 message on toxic masculinity.

“After a successful show Dick Print, I decided to shorten the script into a short film,” he said.

“We agreed with Elton that the message must continue and be told in different arts genres and so I decided to adapt the short film from the stage play to a shorter, tighter, more intimate short film.”

Mabuyane said he took advantage of the art of health platform which he saw fit to share his message to the world in a very easy and accessible way.

“There are societal expectations beyond reality. The story is about a young man who has suffered sexual frustration.

“Society demands so much from men and demands all men to behave the same,” he said.

“It is a daring story that carries elements of romance, love and emotional trauma.

“There is no sugar coating, everything is intentionally explicit in order to drive the message home.”

He said the film’s story was told by a single actor making it more intimate and central to the world of the character.

“The film can be called a men’s clinic dialogue. It advocates for men’s right to voice issues that affect them.

“Men should normalise speaking out freely about their sexual adversities and only then can they get help,” he said.

“Themes on love, sexuality, gender roles, social media dating and toxic masculinity are derived from the film. For those who could not come to the theatre to watch Dick Print due to lockdown, the short film is a summary of it.”

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