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Peace Comrades

They played cover behind burning barrels at Chimoio

At Nyadzonya, they survived burning nights

That blazed with bullets and bombs

Forsook the comfort of home to sleep counting stars

And some nights under thick clouds, facing the anger of Mother Nature

They outlived generations of lice and mice

Fed mosquitoes generation after generation

Stomachs filled with nostalgic pumpkin leaves in peanut butter

Mother’s best meal

They remembered their mother’s faces

How they cried as they watched them leave

To join the comrades in the fields

To join the struggle/ chimurenga

A fight for the soil

Son said to her mother

“Farewell mother, for I promised your unborn grandchild to never be a comrade”

Years after why are they still singing the liberation anthem

Decades after the struggle was won but your sons are still comrades

Armed with placards

Burning barrels that plead for mercy

They plead for land, for jobs, for education, for freedom

Isn’t this the birth right our fathers left their crying mothers to fight for?

Why is the son a comrade in peace times?

Still fighting for his birth right

Except he is fighting against his own blood.

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