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Hair stylist on music path



RISING gospel musician and hair stylist, Patronella Piwa says her latest songs Munoshamisa and Dondifemera, are meant to encourage Christians all over the world to view Jesus as the solution to today’s problems.

Piwa told NewsDay Life & Style that she has decided to pursue her passion for music to advise people who faced difficult personal challenges to resort to Jesus for answers.

“In this life, we face a lot of challenges of which we don’t have answers to and I had the privilege to meet some people who shared with me their sad life experiences. As I always advise them to seek Jesus’s answer, so I later decided to preach it through music that Jesus is the solution to all troubles,” she said.

“The two songs Munoshamisa and Dondifemera are a declaration of God’s sovereignty over all situations and circumstances that the world is currently going through.”

The hair stylist said people should always give praise to God no matter the circumstances.

“We must never forget the greatness of our Lord. So, in these tracks you will be inspired to worship and declare the word of God in praise and worship.”

Piwa said her music was unique.

“As up-and-coming artistes we face a lot of challenges that include lack of airplay as most DJs prefer to play music for those who already have made names and I think this issue must be resolved as we have a lot to offer too,” she said.

“As we are in tough times such as this COVID-19 era, people need to be comforted so that we all sail through.”

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