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Film industry key to economic development: Tekwani


FILM producer and actor Tendai Tekwani says the local film industry should be taken seriously as it is crucial to economic development, raising societal awareness and culture preservation.

Tekwani encouraged society to appreciate the impact of the film industry and support local content.

“The film industry is the most underrated in the country as many ignore the fact that it can be used for economic development. It can also help in marketing of tourist sites and industrial products to outside countries,” he told NewsDay Life & Style.

“Films can also be a very significant tool in advocacy and activism. I wish that the film will be appreciated not only for economic development, but in the preservation of culture and history for future generations.”

Tekwani said engagement of filmmakers, actors and directors in building strong media houses funded by the government may be a step towards improving the film industry.

“Films are also an effective and peaceful way in tackling issues that may affect society and also raise awareness especially when many no longer pay attention to verbal announcements and fliers. It also helps in educating the people on issues being taken for granted,” he said.

“In order to improve the face of this industry, I believe that government should view film as an income-generating industry since films can be aired across the globe, therefore, investing more resources and capital in this industry.”

He said producers have a limited platform to sell their content, therefore, broadcasting licences should be given to many.

“This makes the industry significant since it offers various producers a huge platform to sell their content thereby increasing the quality and quantity of our local content,” he said.

Tekwani said he wished to bring diversity and change the dynamics of filmmaking and storytelling in Zimbabwe.

“As an independent producer I hire the equipment that I want to use on the project at hand. My vision is that by 2025 I must be in a good position to impact the world through visual storytelling,” he said.

“My contribution to the film industry would result in  a dynamic change of our local storytelling technique.”

Tekwani, who has produced and featured in different productions tackling social issues, said he was working on a film on religion.

“I have worked on a short film on the abuse of the girl child since some girls are being abused by their brothers-in-law, leading to issues of abortion when things take a wrong turn,” he said.

“This year I am working on a film called The Insurgents, which is built on the issues affecting our continent being sparked by religion. The film will premiere before year end. I have also worked on an online series called My Diary.”

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