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Cohen’s daughters claim harassment


WAVERLEY Blankets founder Victor Cohen’s daughters Amanda Cohen-Berkowitz and Belynda Halfon have claimed that their nephew, Aron Vico, is harassing them with the help of the police and the courts.

The two sisters are currently embroiled in an inheritance wrangle with Vico, his mother Debra Vico and staff members Laxi Boddapati and Marco Faccio, who have allegedly taken control of the late businessman’s empire and are accused of sidelining

Vico reported Berkowitz to the police alleging that she committed perjury in an affidavit that he deposed with the High Court stating that she had shares in Waverley Plastics.

He claimed that the memorandum and articles of association executed by company consultants, Maxwell Maheya and Lynette Mutema of A&J Arthurson, bore forged signatures.

Berkowitz is, however, denying the offence.

She has appeared before the magistrates’ court 31 times and was not given the opportunity to testify.

Berkowitz then wrote to the courts complaining about the procedure, where the court has been demanding her defence documents in

“Bearing in mind that presumption of innocence has not fallen away and the burden of proof rests on the State, the State has all the machinery and resources available to it, to have thoroughly played its role in investigating and ensuring that it has all the documentation relevant and connected to this case, which it would have obtained in that regard,” Berkowitz wrote.

She said she could only produce the evidence she had during the defence case.

Meanwhile, the police have summoned the sisters over another perjury case.

The matter is being handled by a police officer named as Sergeant Kanyoka, and is yet to be heard in court.

Berkowitz has also reported a case against Vico, where she accuses him of manufacturing company documents to wrest the company from them.

She also accuses the police of corruptly neglecting to arrest Vico due to his influence.

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