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Chisikarambwe launches 3 books to restore hope



LOCAL author Ngoni Crispen Chisikarambwe said he launched his first three books last week to inspire and challenge young people to excel despite the emotional and economic challenges they encounter.

The 60-year-old Chisikarambwe, who describes himself as an avid reader and passionate writer, told NewsDay Life & Style that he penned his life experiences as a lesson for those who have lost hope.

“There is a need for current and future generations to learn a few lessons about life.

“I decided to put my life experience on paper for the world to read and digest.

“I can write about anything as I move around, as I experience certain events, I just get the urge to put pen to paper,” he said.

“I would say my published books so far are all inspirational and they touch on some basic aspects of love, relationships, how to start a business, manage and grow the given enterprise.”

He said his books titled Life Is Not Fair, The Will Determines the Way and How To Start and Manage A Small Business, encourage perseverance to those struggling with relationships, funding their education and finances.

“My books encourage forging on despite different struggles such as betrayal and disappointment both in love and business.

“I am also concerned with high unemployment in the country, especially among the youths, women and men in general which prompted me to put pen to paper to write about identification of the business,” he said.

“It is my hope for it to be a must-read book to the majority of us, especially those in schools, colleges and universities.

“It may help to change our mindsets. Instead of the majority of our school leavers being engrossed in flowery and beautiful curriculum vitae writing, our students must be seized with the crafting of business plans.”

He added that it was his wish for Zimbabwean writers to manufacture their own literature.

“Though the arts industry lacks supportive structures, especially for the budding writers in terms of mentorship, financial assistance and publishing. The push is for the world to also read the Zimbabwean story,” he said.

“It is high time the world also read and studies our literature, as we once did or our schools are still studying Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Chinua Achibe and so forth.

“If the number of writers could continue to rise, to have a variety of authors in poetry, fiction and features.

“The gender balance sensitivity has to be enhanced also.”

The event was graced by renowned poet Albert Nyathi and up-and-coming poets Mr Loyal, Blackbird and Tino the Poet.

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