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Best European Countries for South Africans to Immigrate To


There are lots of reasons why people move house, and at some point during their lives, some people feel the need to emigrate to a new country. But what drives people to move thousands of miles away from their family and friends and drastically change their lives?

There are a lot of factors that lead to people wanting to emigrate somewhere new. They may simply want a change of scenery, or to get to know a different culture, or they may be looking for new employment opportunities. No matter what their reason, thousands of people choose to emigrate each year.

While many people assume that emigration only appeals to people living in poorer countries, this isn’t the case. In fact, we are seeing an increasing number of people choosing to emigrate from countries like South Africa too. If we look at the evidence from last year, we will see that thousands of people immigrated to a European country from South Africa.

But what is it like to immigrate to a new country? And which countries in Europe are the most popular? If you live in South Africa, and you like the idea of immigrating to a European country, then here are some of the best countries with the most to offer:

1.      Malta

As an investment migration destination, Malta is an interesting choice. While Malta isn’t situated in mainland Europe, there are many benefits to moving here. Not only does it offer a sun-drenched lifestyle and stunning scenery, but the cost of living in this country is also affordable too.

Another great reason to immigrate to Malta is that it is currently classed as one of the safest countries in Europe. While pickpocketing and other minor crimes do take place here, Malta is still well below the average petty crime rates of other countries in Europe.

The good news for South African residents who want to immigrate to Malta is that it’s relatively easy to obtain a visa for this country. You simply need to apply for the Malta Permanent Residency Programme (MPRP). The MPRP for third-party nationals is overseen by a strong legislative framework that permits individuals from South Africa to settle indefinitely in Malta.

2.      The UK

Given the historic and cultural ties between the United Kingdom and South Africa, the UK is an obvious choice of location for South African families to immigrate to. However, before you fall in love with this beautiful country and get your heart set on moving here, it’s important to bear in mind that not everyone can get a UK spousal or ancestral visa, and the UK’s top Residency by Investment Program is beyond the reach of many would-be emigrants.

However, there is some good news for business owners. South Africans who own a business can apply for the UK Sole Representative Visa Program. This program doesn’t require any investment, and the business owner’s partner and any dependent children are allowed to move to, find employment in, and study in the UK.

3.      Portugal

In the past, Portugal was seen as being less attractive than Spanish cities like Barcelona and Madrid. However, over the last few years, Portugal has increased in popularity with South African immigrants.

One of the main reasons why Portugal has become so popular is that once you venture beyond the tourist districts of Portugal, food and drink prices compare favourably with those of Johannesburg or Cape Town. As well as this, grocery shopping in Portugal comes in at a similar quality and price point to grocery shopping in South Africa.

4.      Montenegro

With its stunning medieval villages and unlikely status as an adventure sports hotspot, tiny Montenegro is a little piece of paradise for South Africans who are looking for a relaxing location to immigrate to. Not only that, but life in Montenegro is extremely affordable. A single person can survive on as little as £450 per month.

Anyone can apply for a visa for this country. It is one of the easiest countries to immigrate to on grounds of education, employment, medical treatment, or family reunion. As well as this, the country has recently launched a new program for citizenship through investing money. However, this program is significantly more expensive than other routes, requiring a minimum investment of over £300,000

Every year we see more and more South African residents choosing to emigrate to Europe. There are several reasons for this. Some people immigrate to places such as the UK and Malta in search of work or to get a better education, while others do it for a change of scenery and to learn about a different culture.

If you live in South Africa, and you like the idea of moving to a new country, but you’re not sure which one to choose, then why not find out some more information about the countries we’ve listed above? All of these destinations have been extremely popular over the years.

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