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Beitbridge armed robber jailed 10 years


A dangerous and notorious Beitbridge armed robber who terrorised villagers has been jailed 10 years.

Beitbridge regional magistrate Innocent Bepura set aside one year on condition Chauke pays back R4 700, US $10 and RTGS 54 275 to one of his victims, Pauline Ndou, by the 31st December this year.

He will serve an effective nine years.

Bigboy Chauke (34), of Mugwazhuli Village, is said to be responsible for a spate of robberies in Beitbridge.

Prosecutor Claudious Karinga said Chauke, who lives 25 kilometres north of Beitbridge town, last month raided Ndou at her home at night in the company of other armed robbers.

They demanded cash from Ndou who later identified him.

Chauke and his gang who were brandishing weapons, demanded cash and went on to take some clothes including canvas shoes.

He then disappeared but was believed to be in South Africa where he would launch and plan sporadic forays in Zimbabwe.

He was however tracked by the police and arrested while at his lover’s home near Busy Curve shopping complex.

Ndou positively identified her clothes and canvas shoes Chauke was wearing at the time of his arrest.

He is expected back in court on other armed robbery cases where he targeted businessmen, motorists along the Beitbridge to Masvingo road, and smugglers along the Limpopo River.

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