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Zim film industry has potential: Mangodza



ACTOR Takudzwa Alistair Mangodza says the local film industry has the potential to reach greater heights if filmmakers diversify their act.

In an interview with NewsDay Life & Style, Mangodza said technology laid the ground for industry improvement.

“The film industry is thriving. It is picking pace and actors are engaging more with the public. Social media platforms have opened avenues through which actors and the audience can engage,” he said.

“Technology has also improved the outreach of different programmes. Up-and-coming actors are being recognised through the internet.

“They are also getting jobs through online platforms. Therefore, if utilised to the maximum, technology can change the look of things in the film industry.”

Mangodza said the industry should embrace new ideologies and film genres to better their productions.

“In terms of diversity, the Zimbabwean film industry is lagging behind as the local content is limited to certain ideologies that have been maintained over the years. These limit viewership as many turn to international films in search of something different,” he said.

“Drama, thrillers, action, comedy and other types of film must be introduced to suit multiple desires of the audiences. The new talents come with fresh ideas which, if implemented, can take the film industry to another level.”

He urged local filmmakers to be malleable to change.

“The world today is changing and we cannot stick to the same styles and experiences in acting. Most actors have lacked change in their years of experience,” he said.

“Society has to learn and see improvement in what is executed by the players in the film industry.”

Mangodza has featured in Blue Roof and Gazaland Police Station.

He said his aim was to become the best in the industry.

“My dream is to be among the greatest when it comes to acting. I would also want to be able to direct and film some of the best Zimbabwean films, from action to comedy,” he said.

“I foresee a brighter future in the Zimbabwean entertainment industry because everyone that I have worked with so far is willing to change the game.”

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