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What are the Types of Footwear- Tips and Tricks


A shoe is an item included in footwear that is intended to protect and give comfort to human feet. Shoes can also be used for the sake of fashion and design. From the centuries, time to time, culture to culture, shoes have changed their varieties and designs enormously according to the need of human feet. One interesting fact about footwear is, it changes its design and variety from weather to weather and culture to culture. It is also very beneficial for environmental hazards like in extreme cold or in extreme heat. Some of the shoes are used for the safety of feet, such as the shoes made up of steel-soled, which will be used on construction sites. 

Design Elements

However, from culture to culture, fashion has molded itself in several varieties, such as shoes that may have high heels, flat, or canvas as well. Contemporary footwears include the number of varieties, complexities, and cost. Basic sandals usually consist of a thin sole and contain a single strap and they generally cost low in the market. High fashion designer shoes are made up of some costly materials and made by fashion designers. 

Some shoes are designed for specific purposes, such as shoes specially designed for mountain hiking. 

1- Material used for shoes

Generally, shoes have been made up of leather, wood, or maybe a canvas. But nowadays several shoes are increasingly made up of rubber, plastics, and many other derived materials. 

Construction of Shoes

The basic element of shoes is made up of sole, which is in the bottom of the shoes, which is in contact with the ground. Soles are made up of many materials, although some soles are made up of natural rubber, and PVC compounds. Soles can be a single material or double depending upon the nature of the shoes with complex structures or layers, and materials. When various materials are used in the shoes, soles may divide into different elements including:

  • Insole
  • Outsole
  • Midsole
  • Uppers
  • Vamp
  • Medial
  • Toe box

1- Insole

The insole is basically the bottom of the shoes, which directly connects the food beneath the ground. The main purpose of the insole is to attach the margin of the upper which is around the shoe in the lasting operation. Insoles are usually made up of cellulose papers, or synthetic sole boards. Many shoes consist of removable footbeds. Sometimes, extra cushion stuff is added into it for the comfort of the foot. 

2- Outsole

The outsole consists of the layer which is directly in contact with the ground. Some shoes also have leather or rubber outsoles, casual shoes are often made up of natural rubber or maybe synthetic material. Outsole could be a single piece of a layer or consist of a number of layers. Sometimes, the heel of the sole is made up of rubber to add up the durability or flexibility in the shoes. 

3- Midsole

The midsole is generally the layer between the insole and outsole, typically used for the absorption of shocks. Some shoes, like shoes for running, have some type of additional materials specially made for shock absorption, present beneath the heel of the foot. Some shoes don’t have a midsole for different reasons, but mostly midsoles provide the best support for your feet.

4- Uppers

The uppers are mostly used for supporting feet. In closed footwear like boots, training shoes, and men’s shoes contain more complex uppers. These uppers parts of shoes are usually more decorated than any other part for the stylish and designed look. 

These uppers of shoes are connected to the sole by strips of leather, rubber, or maybe plastic that could be stitched between them.Most of the laces are made by some mechanism, such as laces of different materials, leather, rubber, buttons, and soles for tightening of uppers. 

5- Toe Box

The toe box is usually the area of the shoes which protects and covers the toe of the shoes. Tow boxes are made especially for those people who are passing through the toe deformities, or the persons having swallowing of their toe, or maybe larger toe issues. Toe boxes are made flexible in nature with the help of different materials like leather, rubber, or maybe plastic.

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