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Want to study in the UK? Information for prospective students from Zimbabwe


Studying abroad enables you to embrace other cultures, learn new languages, boost career prospects and understand the world better. UK education is particularly recognized by governments, universities, and potential employers because the academic standards are prestigious.

If you are from Zimbabwe and looking to study in the UK, getting information about the general requirements will enhance your ability to adapt fast. This blog contains diverse information regarding the documents to obtain, the exams to undertake, and scholarship availability. 

 Reasons for studying in the UK

The UK is multicultural, so most of the people you will find here come from different parts of the world. The country is a leading study destination, with hundreds of thousands of international students opting to study at the popular universities in the UK.

The UK also has a great academic reputation and hosts some of the oldest universities, such as Cambridge and Oxford. Nearly 20% of the top 50 universities in the world are in the UK. 

Not forgetting the wide selection of degrees that the universities offer, including Media Studies, Management and Business, Art and Design, and many more. No matter your area of interest, you are sure to find something that can suit your academic aspirations. 

The degrees are shorter- as a full-time student, you can complete a degree in three years. This is in contrast to countries such as the US, where an undergraduate course can take you up to four years. 

Entry requirements 

For a long time, UK universities have been admitting students from Zimbabwe as long as they meet the entry requirements. The university staff understands the qualifications and the education system in Zimbabwe, so they can guide students accordingly. 

The entry requirements for degree programs at various universities reflect the universities’ quality and prestige. The Zimbabwean applicants should have a globally recognized qualification in the English language, such as the IELTS. They should have a minimum score of IELTS 6. 0 in line with the regulations of UKVI, although some departments may need a higher score.

For an undergraduate program such as BA or BSc, you should have at least 3 A levels to qualify for direct admission. With a diploma qualification, you can also be admitted for any undergraduate course, but the required subjects and scores vary between courses. Some UK universities have foundation undergraduate programs for any students who don’t meet the entry requirements. 

International scholarships

As a Zimbabwean national, you can apply for scholarships to study in UK universities. The Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan is one of the best programs offering scholarships to the citizens of Zimbabwe.

The scholarship and university admission process of very competitive, so you need to stand out among many applicants. A personal statement is a great opportunity to stand out because, through it, you can prove the reasons for consideration amid the competition. 

Write a perfect personal statement

When applying to a university in the UK, paying attention to a personal statement will increase the chances of admission. If you don’t know how to write a personal statement, consider a professional personal statement helper for hire on Uk.Edurbirdie. The professionals have helped students from the UK and other nationals to craft perfect personal statements. With this writing service, British students and those from other nationals enjoy affordable prices, quality assurance, 24/7 customer service, and a money-back guarantee.  

Visa information

To study in the UK, you must apply for a UK Standard Visitor Visa after meeting all the conditions set by your preferred university. You can apply for the visa at a British embassy, although iVisa can also offer assistance.

The standard Visitor Visa is not available online but online application submission is allowed. To get the visa, you must have a biometric passport, accommodation information, sustenance means, payment means, email address, and anything to justify your purpose of visit. 

The timeframe for visa processing is fifteen days but it is important to submit your application about eight weeks before the departure. The visa cost depends on the processing speed you specify in your application. The fees for Zimbabwean nationals are $170 for the standard visa, $200 for the rush, and $220 for the super rush. The standard visa is valid for 186 days after arrival but it is possible to apply for an extension. 


Studying in the UK has many benefits, so you can be assured of quality education and excellence in your career after graduating. Before your departure, understand the entry requirements for various undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, as well as the international scholarships available. The visa application process is intense but by submitting all the necessary documents, you will be able to secure it within a short time. 


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