The arts sector needs support: Pfumayaramba



MULTI-TALENTED artist Getrude Munhamo Pfumayaramba says youths in the arts sector need financial support to develop their careers.

In an interview with NewsDay Life & Style, Pfumayaramba said grooming of talent involves equipping young artistes with emotional, financial and professional skills to make it in the industry.

“I believe youths need support above anything else because graduating from childhood to being an adult is an uncertain period not only in life, but career wise. There is therefore a need for a lot of support,” she said.

“A lot of engagement, training and skills development should be given attention in developing rising talent. This will empower them to walk into the industry on a better platform.”

Pfumayaramba said support from the government and corporate world is crucial in growing the industry.

“The inclusion of the arts sector in the mainstream of support from the government and the corporate world would take us a long way. Right now, the industry is not getting enough support,” she said.

From her experience in storytelling, writing and theatre, Pfumayaramba believes creativity, innovation and focus were the secrets to making it in the industry.

“I learnt to focus on what I do, to stay humble, do collaborations and work with a vision to grow and get exposure. One should never stop believing in themselves and their creativity that is where one’s breakthrough comes from,” she said.

Pfumayaramba said she was looking forward to more plays, collaborative work and partnerships.

“I am working on my storytelling project called Through The Eyes of Zimbabwe (TTEOZ) with the support of the Culture Fund of Zimbabwe. TTEOZ is a cultural heritage preservation programme through folkloric expression. I roped in several amazing storytellers on board,” she said.

“I am also part of the Here, There, Now storytelling project which is under the Nhimbe Trust. I am also excited that I will be performing at the Mitambo International Festival in a piece that I wrote and directed called Withered.”

Pfumayaramba has so far written several plays such as Lamentations at 12, The Walking Dead, Chains, Withered, Signature of Our Times and Look No Further Series (4) and has also played a lead role in the Nhimbe Trust production titled Blood Tongue:The Musical.

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