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Kodzai shares experiences in forthcoming album



BULAWAYO-BASED Afro-house singer Simbarashe Kodzai says his forthcoming album titled Emotions 2 is an international collaborative production rooted in shared experiences, struggles and triumphs of different races.

Speaking to NewsDay Life & Style Kodzai said the album was a journey of sharing various feelings by people collaborating from different spaces.

“The album is an expression of different ideals, feelings and emotions with the purpose of enlightening the world about Africa and our roots. We tackle topics like culture, how we relate as a people,” he said.

“Also, among the themes on the album include tradition, folklore, societal norms and values in relation to our day-to-day lives. We look at religion and how   we communicate with God via our ancestors.”

Kodzai, who is also a poet and storyteller, said determination to penetrate the international music market motivated him to work on many collaborations.

“Working with so many different artistes around the world has taught me that no man is an Island. In order for us to be successful we need a team from production, marketing and everything else. I have learnt to be patient because collaborations take time,” he said.

“I have also learnt that in terms of the technical know-how we have just scratched the surface. Other people from different parts of the world are way ahead in terms of quality.

“I have learnt to embrace and fuse different types of sounds and skills with mine.”

He said collaborations had helped to improve his music and infiltrate the international market.

“Penetrating the international market has greatly improved my work ethic. Our work flow is mostly based on a collaborative structure. There is a productive team behind the brand,” he said.

“I can start a project and different people finish it. The different perspectives add more depth and richness to the project. On the forthcoming album I will be working with local, South Africa, and Botswana guys.”

Kodzai said his poetry and storytelling skills enabled him to vividly express his experiences in music.

“Poetry and songwriting has added depth to the way I do music. Telling stories from an African perspective intrigues and captivates the international audience,” he said.

“The way we describe emotions or feelings like love is different from them. We love, hate and grieve differently. Our experiences from a socio-political and economic standpoint.”

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