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Kambarazina crafts to showcase Africa’s heritage



CHITUNGWIZA-BASED self-taught fine art specialist Brendain Hyundai Kambarazina says his aim is to lure the corporate world to support his art. The 25-year artist believes contemporary art is a way he can express his creativity and passion as he portrays different situations and life experiences. In his craft, Kambarazina uses charcoal and graphite pencil to draw different artworks that resemble Africa’s unique heritage.

Career background

“Growing up, I always liked drawing cartoons and painting comic books. My favourite super hero was spider-man, this saw me drawing a lot of spider-man characters.

“Although my passion grew when I was in high school, I never took it seriously until 2015 when I realised that it was a gift and defines me.

“I was further motivated by receiving approval from the public and started researching, practising and getting help from different artists in the same field such as Shanfield Moyo.

“I would say I am a self-taught artist because I never attended any formal art institution to learn art.”


“Art is an inborn thing, but I believe for it to explode, it requires exposure.

“With art you get to be a voice for different situations and challenges that are faced in the world. You can be recognised as a voice through art.”


“I was born in a family where no one does art. Here in Zimbabwe, from my own experience, parents do not appreciate talents in their children if it has nothing to do with education.

“I was always told to focus more on academics so it was what I did most growing up than art.

“I have faced a lot of criticism just like any other up-and-coming artist. Some said my art wasn’t good enough, others said I should have done it the other way. Everyone has a different opinion when it comes to art.”


“Zimbabwe is missing a sustainable art industry, therefore, the art opportunity is not as much as it is in other first world countries.

“Marketing is a challenge because people who love art are very selective. lt is not everyone who appreciates art and understands that art can be an investment as the value always increases.

“Most of my art supplies come from abroad and getting them to Zimbabwe is one of the challenges.


“My dream is to build different galleries around the world that will create a marketing platform for the upcoming and professional artists around the world.

“I want to create opportunities, employment and do charity work with different organisations through art.

“Getting art supplies is one of my challenges that has made me consider having art shops so that it becomes easy for other upcoming artists to get hold of art supplies.

“My dream is attainable by having sponsors and people who are willing to invest in art. I believe in hardwork and connections to increase art value. I wish to have a lot of international artists to work and exhibit with.”

Corporate world craving

“I am eyeing opportunities where my art gets the actual value of the work. Looking for sponsors, recognition and marketing where l will have my art on billboards, commercial advertisements and boardrooms.”


“My first exhibition was in 2017 at Wild Geese Art festival, which was one of the biggest art festivals in Zimbabwe. Wild Geese Art festival was an annual event, so l exhibited again in 2018.

I have exhibited at Wechi Gallery, Jacaranda Art festival, Old Stables Market and Lion and Cheetah Park.”

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