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GoodChild honours request by fans



AFRO-POP singer Alexio “GoodChild” Gwenzi recently released the visuals of his song Faya Faya (Fire Fire) which features award-winning hip-hop artiste Ti Gonzi.

In an interview with NewsDay Life & Style, GoodChild said the video was a fulfilment of the desires of his fans who kept requesting visuals of the song.

“I have been preoccupied with school, work commitments and kept procrastinating. However, my fans had been pressuring me to do the video so l finally created time to do it for them. I am so glad I did it and the feedback is amazing,” he said.

“On October 7, which is my birthday, I will be dropping a rework of my first ever hit song Iwe Fadzayi, which is also by public demand. I will then drop another single titled Feeling You, which will have an accompanying video.”

He said the video characterised by scenes of the adventures of love simply backed up the lyrics of the song which advocates for consistency in relationships.

“The video is not complicated. It is just me and my woman having a good time. What people say about my woman is none of my concern,” he said.

“People probably do not like our relationship, but that does not stop us from enjoying each other’s company, having a good time and loving each other. Hence the conversations over a glass of wine, the adventures on quad bikes and all.”

Though he faced challenges in shooting the video, GoodChild said it was worth it and amazing.

“I must say doing a video is one of the most difficult things an artiste gets to do in music production. Getting people together coordinating everything is hectic,” he said.

“The financial aspect of video production is also another hurdle. It is a huge sacrifice but a great investment. lt is also time consuming, but worthwhile.”

Having collaborated with Ti Gonz on the song, GoodChild describes him as a passionate artiste, adding that he looked forward to more collaboration with various musicians.

“Ti Gonzi is a rising hip-hop artiste, I admired him since he popped onto the scene and we always spoke of working together. We literally admired each other’s work and I can say I admire Ti Gonzi’s passion for music, he gets in the studio and he delivers,” he said.

“He had a lot happening, I also had tonnes of work and when we got the slightest opportunity we jumped into the studio. In fact, thanks to the lockdown it kind of slowed us down in terms of our daily hustles and gave us a chance to do studio work.”

GoodChild said his fans would have something to smile for as he would present them with a special Christmas gift when he dropped the song titled Life Yangu on December 25.

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