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BCC projects $24,7bn budget for 2022



BULAWAYO City Council has proposed a $24,7 billion budget for 2022, which will hike tariffs by over 216%.

This was revealed by BCC financial director Kempton Ndimande yesterday while presenting a review of the 2021 budget as well as projection of the 2022 budget.

Ndimande said the 2021 budget was $5 332 870 000 and the council pegged the 2022 budget at $16 834 864 215 with the capital budget pegged at $7 906 290 288 which placed the total budget at $24 741 154 503.

He said on service delivery, council would again prioritise water, followed by health, sewerage, housing, roads, education, public lighting, social services and fire and ambulance services in budget expenditure during the 2022 financial year.

“In the 2021 budget overview, the annual inflation fell from 362,6% to 50,2%, prices of basic goods continued increasing, but at a reduced pace, water improved, dams levels were 60% full, exchange rates increased marginally by 5% during the COVID-19 pandemic. We had government support through devolution funds and the poverty datum line grew by 23%,” he said.

Ndimande said in the 2022 budget, water provision would be allocated $1,164 billion for the domestic water meter replacements to continue, water mains upgrading, rehabilitation of water treatment plant (Criterion), and servicing new areas including presales.

“Health is allocated $1,207 billion for the construction of two clinics (Cowdray Park and Emganwini), renovation of facilities (clinics and other stations), purchase of various equipment, inspection and licensing of premises, completion of new cemeteries and maintenance, provision of primary healthcare and disease prevention and acquisition of drugs and health equipment,” Ndimande said.

“Sewerage is allocated $941,5 million for the completion of presale projects, sewage outfalls (Cowdray Park), rehabilitation of sewage outfalls (deep section), manhole lids replacement and repairs and WWTP rehabilitation (SAST).

“Housing is allocated $402,6 million for the construction of individual households toilets in Iminyela and Mabutweni Phase I, refurbish flats, housing offices and hostels: (Jabulani, Tregene, Vundu, Luveve etc), purchase of maintenance equipment, refurbishment and maintenance of council properties and construction of new Cowdray Park Housing Office and Rates Hall.”

Ndimande said roads were allocated $1,1365 billion for reconstruction — citywide, construction of new roads including new areas under presale, premix overlays, road maintenance and reseal works — citywide.

He said an estimated $300 million would be used on the Wingrove Road (Waverley to Woodbury), Walsall Road (Waverley to Woodbury), Basch (Khami & 13 Avenue) Falcon, 1,28km, Glenville Road (2,5km), reconstruction of 3km, other roads — citywide and rehabilitation of borrow pits — citywide.

“Education is allocated $1,392 billion for the construction of a library in Cowdray Park, completion of constructing a school in Cowdray Park and ECD classes in schools, furniture, and learning aids and to offer bursaries,” Ndimande said.

On public lighting, he said $53,8 million was allocated for solar street lighting, rehabilitation of tower lights and rehabilitation of traffic lights.

He said council would spend $761,7 million on social services, while fire and ambulance services would be allocated $1,812 million.

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