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Appreciate local content: Mr Honah



LOCAL hip-hop artiste and actor Kudakwashe “Mr Honah” Befulo has pleaded with society to support home-grown content, arguing that westernisation of the arts industry has diluted creativity.

In an interview with NewsDay Life & Style, Mr Honah said society tends to compare different forms of art to Western content, making it difficult to appreciate the work of local artists.

“I believe people are not doing justice to local art as they are shunning local content, preferring Western art. Sometimes when you compose songs, especially with hip-hop music, fans usually associate it with western music which takes away the originality of our work,” he said.

“The arts industry should support 100% local content so that when people listen or watch it, it is more local and less international on our screens and radio. I think if they do this people will get used to our own films and music.”

He said the power to change perceptions around local content lies with artists.

“The world of art will be better if artists unite and uplift each other. Artists are connected somehow, so working together helps a lot. Instead of actors using foreign music as background in drama, why not utilise what we already have and uplift each other?”

Mr Honah launched his musical career in 2016 under his Good Homies group.

“I am an upcoming artist passionate about acting, but my first love was music. I pursued all the two forms of art because I discovered that I am multi-talented. I am creative so that is where the relationship between the two is,” he said.

“I think what is limiting upcoming artistes from getting exposure is that they do not have the right people who can help them push and support their art.”

Having featured in a television series called ShineFM, playing character Batsi, Mr Honah said he wants to feature in more productions if more opportunities avail themselves.

“The relationship between acting and music is that music and action fall under one category of entertainment. A poet, singer or actor can work together and produce a good project,” he said.

Mr Honah said he was happy with the airplay he is receiving, adding that he recently shot a music video for his single track called Moto-Moto.

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