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Zim’s make-up artist Rumbie makes waves in US



UNITED STATES-BASED Zimbabwean multi-talented artist Rumbidzai Praise Magoga, popularly known as Rumbie Praise, is making waves in the beauty and therapy industry as a make-up artist working with top celebrities in that country.

The 22-year-old is also a singer and model, who moved to the US in 2017 where she launched her career in the beauty and therapy industry.

Her musical journey started at a tender age singing at Eaglesvale Preparatory School.

Her father took her to the studio at the age of 11 to record her first song doing a cover for Demi Lovato’s song titled Our Time Is Here.

Annually, she competes in the National Institute of Allied Arts Zimbabwe (NIAA). She is also a talented marimba player.

“Before she decided to pursue a solo career, Rumbie once had a stint with a Dallas Texas-based gospel group called CLOSER and featured on a song called Shoko Renyu.

Claim to fame

“As I regularly post my work on my Instagram page, that is when I got connected to Grammy award-winning singer Jekalyn Carr, who sent me a message acknowledging my works.

“Next thing, she asked me to be on her project for her album Changing Your Story shoot.

“This further opened doors for me and became Carr’s official make-up artist.

“Currently, I have worked with various celebrities such as celebrity stylist J Bolin, Playboy model Chastity Simone, multi-Grammy award-winner Le’Andria Johnson, rapper Young Dolph, Strong Fitness Magazine, Women of More Magazine and Nicci Robinson.”

Life in the diaspora

“When I launched my make-up career, it was not easy at all as I hardly got any clients, but one or two per month. No one in the Zimbabwean community would book me.

“It was really depressing and I almost gave up. Things, however, changed when people heard that I had worked with a Grammy winner such that many wanted to book me, which was crazy.

“In all that, I never changed who I was and still welcomed everyone and anyone with open arms and made sure that they were satisfied with my work.

“I am happy that I got support from my Zimbabwean family.

Moreover, the majority of my clients are Americans.”

Role models

“Zimbabwean Jacque Mgido is a huge inspiration to me. She has set the bar high for me.

“She is her own boss and runs own show. She even has own make-up line and is teaching young girls in Africa how to get the job done. That is part of my vision and why I adore her so much.

“Mgido is really doing an amazing job here and if she can do it, then I can also do it. On another note, self-made billionaire Kylie Jenner has played a huge part in my career, making me thirst and hunger for success. Kylie Jenner, she is so young, but has already made a name for herself in this world.”

Stella awards experience

“The Stella awards were a shock to me, never in a million years did I think I would make it as far as any award show.

“It still has not sunk in my head till this day.

“The experience was amazing as it exposed me to the world of Hollywood in the sense of how fast-paced everything is, since it was a televised show.

“I learnt a lot, having to change looks within five minutes and making sure that the client looks perfect, learnt to work under pressure and still produce excellent results.

“The level of professionalism was awesome, which I think up-and- coming artists need to emulate and take seriously.

“I got to meet some of the gospel greats among them Kirk Franklin, Jonathan McReynolds and Tye Tribbet.

“It is a pleasure to be representing my country Zimbabwe at such prestigious awards.”

Musical career

“So far I don’t have any projects out yet as a solo artiste.

“It is still work in progress and I am excited to share my first piece of work with the world.

“I have been associated with a gospel group called CLOSER and featured on a song called Shoko Renyu and the video is available on YouTube. I, however, sing in church as I love to worship the Lord.”

Future plans

“The Rumbie Praise brand is getting to its feet but I don’t usually want to say much because I always keep my future plans to myself and I just produce results.

“I let my work speak for itself. I just know that I will do my part by working hard and leaving the rest to God so he can do His thing, because He is my boss.

“I am nothing without Him and He has brought me this far.”

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