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VAR revamp: No more armpit off sides


Premier League stars have been briefed on what to expect from VAR this season, with controversial offside decisions going against strikers appearing to be a thing of the past.

Referees chief Mike Riley says officials have taken into account complaints from players, managers and supporters regarding VAR’s use in its second campaign in the Premier League.

And the PMGOL’s new interpretation of the rules will be viewed with mixed feelings for attackers, with decisions regarding penalties and offsides facing changes.

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On offsides, VAR will continue to use thin one-pixel lines to determine if there is an infringement, but will also add a thicker line favoured by broadcasters.

If the thicker line covers the thinner line, then the benefit of the doubt will be afforded to the attacker player, The Sun reports. This could result in fewer mind-boggling offside calls in which players have been given offside for their armpit being in the incorrect position.

Had this new interpretation been used last season, as many as 20 goals would have stood in the 2020-21 campaign.

VAR’s interpretation of offside has been widely slammed by vast swathes of the football community, with its forensic nature disliked by supporters.

While the new offside rulings may favour strikers, VAR will toughen up on penalty calls made using the technology.

Teams have been told that spot kicks will no longer be awarded for the merest of contacts, with television replays often being to the detriment of a defending player.

Riley said: ‘We spent a lot of time last season talking to the clubs, players, managers and to fans’ groups, looking at how we can improve refereeing within the context of Premier League football.

‘Some of the things are VAR-related, like marginal offsides, but fundamentally we want the approach to be one that best allows the players to express themselves — allows the Premier League game to flow.

‘It means that the refereeing team of referees and VARs don’t intervene for the trivial offences.’ -Mailonline

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