Teen filmmaker defies odds



RISING teen filmmaker and co-founder of Tungundu Media, Nicholas Goko (17) says focus and passion were the ingredients for success in his life.

Growing up in an orphanage after losing his father when he was young, Goko has defied age and his background to venture into film production, an area many believe is reserved for the well-oiled.

In an interview with NewsDay Life & Style, Goko said the shift from producing comedy skits with his sibling to scripting a movie proved that the sky was the limit.

“I believe if you do something wholeheartedly with perseverance and hard work, it will eventually come through despite the challenges you might face,” he said.

“Through perseverance and determination, I will soon be premiering my debut movie Tozeza Baba themed around domestic violence and violation of women, children’s rights and the plight of epileptic people.”

“When I started, I did it wholeheartedly, putting my time into it and this has taken me this far. I am God fearing and my granny (Jabangwe) has also been my pillar of strength who has instilled the right mentality and supported me with everything I needed to succeed,” he said.

Goko said his dream was to become a world-class filmmaker.

“I am seeing myself becoming one of the best filmmakers in Zimbabwe in the near future. I dream of having productions in Nollywood and Hollywood.

“But before I go there, I want to play my part in growing our local film industry and put it on the world map the same way Nigerians and South Africans are being recognised,” he said.

The young filmmaker bemoans lack of funding and unhealthy competition among other stumbling blocks towards the growth of this lucrative industry.

“A candle loses nothing by lighting another, so as filmmakers we must come together and share ideas constantly and even pool resources for us to come up with quality productions that can compete internationally,” he said.

Gogo Jabangwe, the most influential person in Goko’s life, said he was a hard worker who she had seen grow into a responsible young man.

“It is my desire to see all children from this home become independent and prepare for the future. I am happy, proud and thank God for Nicholas and the work he is doing,” she said.

“I hope this filmmaking business will build him to be a better person and form the basis of his livelihood.

“I will always be there to support him in any way I can.”

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